‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate: How Many Episodes Before You’re Hooked?

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate: How Many Episodes Before You’re Hooked?

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Kevin Costner Reveals That Yellowstone Season 5 is Hist LAST! Here’s Why

One of the most popular television shows of the last decade, “Yellowstone” continues to build up its fan base.

The hit Paramount Network series wrapped up its fourth and latest season a few weeks ago and fans are already crying for more. In order to pass the time until the next season, “Yellowstone” fans are taking to the internet to discuss the show. Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are packed with “Yellowstone” watchers sharing their thoughts. Online message board forum sites like Reddit are home to thousands of “Yellowstone” fans. The modern western drama has become a cultural phenomenon through its first four seasons. A fifth season is in the works although we don’t yet know when it will be ready.

In a recent Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans discuss how many episodes a person must watch before getting “hooked” on the show. It’s a good question and makes for a lively discussion among the show’s fan base.

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“How many episodes into Season 1 would you say until you’re hooked?” a Redditor says. “I started Yellowstone after hearing my parents rave about it. But I’m really struggling through the first few episodes. I’m only on episode 4 and it’s been like 3 weeks of attempted binging.”

As you would expect, “Yellowstone” fans have plenty to say about this topic.

“I was sucked in by the first episode. I suppose everyone is different as to how long it takes for it to get its hooks into you and for what reasons. It seems odd to say, but the language is what hooked me. Also, the scenery hooked me as well as the music.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Favorite Parts of the Show

There is no wrong way to get hooked on “Yellowstone” and there are numerous great aspects of the show.

“For me, it was when Walker whipped out a guitar and started singing and I realized that was Ryan Bingham,” another Redditor says.

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“It sucked me in on the very first episode and I have been watching the faithfully ever since,” another fan says. “I just like the western cowboy way of life and so that’s the biggest appeal to me. I think the acting is really good too and the writers do a nice job. I’ve always been a Kevin Costner fan and so when I found out he was going to be on Yellowstone, I knew I had to watch. I’m glad I did that because now it is one of my favorite shows. I watched all of season four and I’m going to rewatch all of it again in the near future.”

It might be a while before we get new “Yellowstone” episodes but fans are already building excitement for season five.

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