Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Chapter 1 and 2


Incorrect Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Chapter 1
Incorrect Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Chapter 1


Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Chapter 1 and 2

The beginning of a fantastic journey

Originally published in Play Journals on by A.J. Maciejewski.

The newest massive epic role-playing game from Monolith Soft is out, and it does not disappoint. Now that I’ve read through chapter 2, I’d want to give you my impressions thus far. This paragraph contains spoilers.

than be late and thorough is preferable than being early and uninformed, which is why “it’s better to be late and thorough than to be early and misinformed” is one of Video Chums’ guiding principles.

Chapter 1: Encounters

The narrative opens with the adorable Rex riding shotgun on his trusty Titan pal, whom he affectionately dubs “Gramps.” It doesn’t take long to figure out that Rex makes a living by scavenging for riches below the clouds. He’s not a stingy person by any stretch of the imagination, giving most of his wealth back to his community. 116-110-40-227 v1d30chumz

He arrives in Goldmouth, a thriving city, and almost immediately is given a position that pays an absurd sum of money. So he takes it, surrounded by a gathering of people who appear ready to give him the cold shoulder at any moment. They find a big ship and have to get inside of it. Rex opens the box, revealing a sleeping lady within, and discovers that only individuals like him can control specific devices inside (known as Addam’s Crest). Then, Jin, one of his putative allies, stabs him. That took me by surprise!

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Rex finds himself in an unknown area and considers it to be the legendary home of humanity, Elysium. Pyra, the lady he and his colleagues discovered within the building, approaches him. She transfers to him half of her vitality, transforming him from “Driver” to “Blade” and making Rex her superior. The two of them go back to the actual world and fight Jin, who mocks Pyra for her destructive abilities. Thanks to Gramps, Rex and Pyra manage to make it to a Titan below after the bloody struggle. During all the confusion, it’s easy to see that Nia, who looks like a small cat, has changed her mind about following Jin. Fortunately, we’ll see her again soon.

Chapter 2: Aptitude

Rex and Pyra are reunited shortly after Rex awakens in Titan’s Gormott Province, but Gramps is in critical condition. At first, Rex is heartbroken, but then he realizes that Gramps has been reborn as a cute small fluffy animal. Oh boy! Rex lifts him up and carries him about in a helmet he has fastened on his back. What a sweet little thing! Anyway, the three of them make up their minds to go look for Nia, the cat girl, and her Blade, the huge feline beast Dromarch. They track them down and discover that Nia is a native of the region, prompting them to visit the city of Torigoth. Nia is a wanted fugitive, and when they get there they run across Brighid, the Jewel of Mor Ardain, a formidable Blade who stands in their way. Lady Mrag, her driver, may seem cold and calculated at first, but I predict she will prove to be a friend rather than adversary in the long run. Once again, Nia has been kidnapped and has to be rescued.

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We meet a Nopon called Tora, whose family has reportedly been working on an artificial Blade for centuries, before travelling to the enormous ship holding Nia and Dromarch. After he activates her, it’s clear that his intentions with her are less than honorable. He renames her Poppi and reboots her with the new instructions. The group then travels to the ship and discovers Nia and Dromarch, only to learn that their imprisonment was a trap set by their captors to steal Pyra. Dughall was defeated, and the group fought and barely survived encounters with Lady Mrag and Brighid.

An impressive beginning

I’ve enjoyed every entry in the Xeno series since Xenogears, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has more than satisfied my expectations. The great array of characters is one of the highlights. Rex, Nia, Pyra, and Tora are one of the most charming and memorable groups I’ve ever seen in a role-playing game, and I like them individually. The game play is as enjoyable as promised, with plenty of opportunities for exploration and questing, and the character progression seems to be quite involved and intricate, which is precisely the way I like it. One odd drawback, though, is that you can’t simultaneously move and auto-attack. It’s tiresome to stand there and bark orders all day; I wish I could move around more. However, this is such a minor criticism, and everything else is excellent.

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For taking the time to read about my time with Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s prologue and chapter one, I really appreciate it. Are you currently using it? So far, what have you concluded? Discuss farther down in the comments section!

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