Which Presidents are on the dollar bills?

Which Presidents are on the dollar bills?

I Put Millions Of Pennies In My Friends Backyard
I Put Millions Of Pennies In My Friends Backyard

Which Presidents are on the dollar bills?

THE faces on the dollar bills have been a staple for decades – but who exactly is on each one?

United States currency has a history that goes back more than 240 years consisting of the first money ever printed, the Series United States Notes, and the official Federal Reserve offered now.

To finance the Civil War, Congress sanctioned the issuance of paper currency known as demand notes in 1861 – which began by distributing $5, $10, and $20 bills.

Which Presidents are on the dollar bills?

The US Department of Treasury decides the final say on whose face goes on each bill and it is carefully chosen.

A person must be well-known in America’s history, not be alive, and display “permanent familiarity in the minds of the public” to be considered for a place on a US bill, according to the UST.

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The faces on every US bill in circulation include five US presidents and two founding fathers – they’re all men.


The one-dollar bill has George Washington, the first president of the US, featured.

Washington’s face started being printed on a $1 Series United States Note in 1869.

The first $1 Federal Reserve note was issued in 1963 with more security features to stop counterfeit bills and has had the same design since.

There was another face on the $1 Legal Tender for seven years before Washington and that was Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P Chase from 1862.

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The two-dollar bill has Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the US.

Jefferson’s face has been on the $2 United States Note since 1869.

A $2 Federal Reserve note was introduced in 1976 and has had the same design since.

The first person on the $2 Legal Tenders was, Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury and founding father starting in 1862.


The five-dollar bill has Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US president, featured.

Abraham’s face has been on the $5 United States Note since 1862 when the first legal tenders were created yet it was redesigned multiple times.

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$10 BILL

The ten-dollar bill currently has Hamilton’s face on it and has been that way since 1929.

The first $10 Federal Reserve Note was created in 1914 with a portrait of Andrew Jackson, the seventh US president.

$20 BILL

The $20 bill has Jackson’s face on it, and he has been featured since 1929 after he was taken off the $10 bill.

The first $20 Federal Reserve was created in 1914 with President Grover Cleveland featured.

$50 BILL

The $50 bill has Ulysses S Grant, the 18th US president, featured.

It was first issued as a Federal Reserve in 1914 and Grant has been on it since.

$100 BILL

The $100 bill currently has Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of the US, featured.

It was first issued as a Federal Reserve in 1914 and Franklin has been on it since.

Franklin proposed a universal paper currency in 1765 and began printing a form of money in 1728.


In 2016, the Department of Treasury announced it was planning to bump Jackson to the back of the $20 bill and replace him with the face of Harriet Tubman, the late African-American activist, and formerly enslaved woman.

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Tubman will be the first woman to ever appear on a US bill.

Some US currencies including specific pennies with special features can be worth up to millions.

Coin collectors are also getting lucky with some of their hundred-year-old coins being worth more than $35,000.

Which presidents appear on US coins?

Lincoln is on the penny, having first appeared on the front of the one-cent coin in 1909 – 44 years after he was assassinated.

President Jefferson has adorned the face of the nickel since 1938.

Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt is the famous face on the obverse side of the 10-cent US coin.

President Washington has graced the front of the quarter since 1932 – to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his birth.

President John F Kennedy is on the half-dollar.

Immediately after his assassination, Mint Director Eva Adams spoke with Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts about depicting Kennedy on a coin.

His wife and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy chose the half-dollar to memorialize her husband.

President Dwight D Eisenhower is on the one-dollar coin.

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