What is G Herbo’s Real Name, How Old and How Tall Is He?

What is G Herbo’s Real Name, How Old and How Tall Is He?

Toosii – what it cost (Official Video)
Toosii – what it cost (Official Video)

G Herbo used this as his stage name until he reached adulthood. He couldn’t continue with the Lil Herb moniker and started searching for a new one. As fate would have it, a friend began referring to him as G Herbo in 2015, and he decided to keep it. The G connoted respect while Herbo was a nod to his first name – Herbert.

What is G Herbo’s Age Today?

G Herbo’s age is 27 as he was born on the 8th of October 1995. The rapper grew up in the infamous Terro Town neighborhood of Chicago and got mixed up with the street life at an early age.

However, his parents’ disciplinary measures and solid upbringing helped keep him on the straight part and channeled his energies towards other passions. One of those other passions was music, and by the age of 17, he was already a well-known figure thanks to the song Kill Shit and the mixtape, Fazonland.

He would go on to collaborate with big names such as Nicki Minaj, and all this helped him break through in his career. The Chicago rapper now has several albums, with his first studio album being Humble Beast which he dropped at the age of 22.

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What Is G Herbo’s Height?

G Herbo’s height is 6 feet inches (183 cm). This is quite impressive, and this is confirmed when his height is compared to average Americans. Data from the Center for Disease Control shows that the average American male above age 20 is 5 feet 9 inches (175.4 cm), meaning three inches taller than the average man out there.

When it comes to showbiz, the average height of male Hollywood celebrities is 5 feet 10 (177.8 cm). This means that the rapper is two inches taller than most male celebrities.

G Herbo Height Compared to Hotboii

Regarding their height, Hotboii is 5 feet 11 inches tall which means that the 6 feet G Herbo is only an inch taller than him. Like G Herbo, Hotboii is one of the hottest rappers in America these days. Real name – Javarri Latre Walker, the Florida native, has dropped several hit songs such as Don’t Need Time, Goat Talk, and YG’s. He also dropped his debut album, Double O Baby, in December 2020. Hotboii and G Herbo have collaborated on a track titled Shawty Type Beat 2020.

Who is Taller Between G Herbo and Lil Durk?

G Herbo and Lil Durk have several similarities. They are both from the city of Chicago. They also tasted success as indie rappers before signing on to major record labels. All these shared experiences mean that the two are not just pals but also collaborators.

Lil Durk featured on G Herbo’s song, Party in Heaven, while Herbo returned the favor on Lil Durk’s Chiraq Demons. Both artists also went head to head with each other in a verzuz battle in May 2020. In a show of mutual admiration, they choose to sing each other’s songs rather their own.

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Such antics made it difficult to pick a clear winner on that occasion. However, if the issue were their height, G Herbo would have been the clear winner. Lil Durk is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), meaning that G Herbo is 5 inches taller than him.

Who is Taller between G Herbo and Toosii

Toosii is another Gen Z rapper who is shaking the hip-hop scene in America. Born in New York in 2000, the rapper, whose real name is Nau’Jour Lazier Grainger, has dropped his songs such as Love Cycle, Red Lights, Poetic Pain, and Sapiosexual. He also charted his debut album in the top 20 of Billboard 200.

Toosii and G Herbo are yet to do a track together, but they have performed at several concerts. On such occasions, G Herbo would have looked visibly taller than Toosii. Toosii is 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm, meaning that G Herbo is four inches taller than him.

G Herbo’s Weight and Other Body Measurements

G Herbo’s weight is estimated at 80 kg or 176.5 lbs. His other body measurements include chest – 40 inches, waist -32 inches, and biceps -13 inches. A simple glance at the rapper will show that he has an enviable muscular but slim build. Such a build is the result of hard work in the gym.

The rapper will also maintain a healthy diet to stay in shape. Asides from his build, another notable fact is his clean-shaven look. The rapper also has several tattoos on different parts of his body. One of them is the name of his son, Essex, on his back. There are also the figures, 773, on his stomach and 79th, on the side of his left forearm.

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Both figures are a tribute to the neighborhood where he grew up in Chicago. The rapper also has a picture of the sun on his left shoulder and a “DreamTeam” tattoo on his left upper arm. The DreamTeam tattoo is a reference to his record label.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Rapper

What is G Herbo’s Real Name?

G Herbo’s real name is Herbert Randall Wright III

How Old is G Herbo?

He is 27 years old

How Tall is G Herbo?

G Herbo is 6 feet or 183 cm tall

Who Is G Herbo Signed To?

G Herbo is signed to Machine Entertainment Group

What Gang is G Herbo In?

G Herbo was in the Black P-Stone Gang, specifically the Terror Town/No Limit Faction.

Does G Herbo Have PTSD?

G Herbo previously had PTSD. He was clinically diagnosed with PTSD in 2019 and had to undergo therapy for it. The whole experience inspired his 2020 album, PTSD.

Is Lil Bibby Related To G Herbo?

Lil Bibby is not related to G Herbo, but the two are quite close. They grew up in the same neighborhood and started rapping around the same time. They later collaborated on the track, Kill Shit in 2014, which marked the breakthrough of their respective careers.

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