The Hidden Geekiness of Madara Uchiha.

The Hidden Geekiness of Madara Uchiha.

I dunno, because both of them have demonstrated that they have inconceivable speed in addition to their already overpowered arsenals. Let’s start with Naruto – after taming Kurama and mastering the Nine Tails Chakra mode, he first used his incredible speed to instantly catch up with Kisame and smash him into the wall as the latter was attempting to escape. Naruto then demonstrated it once more during his confrontation with Tsunade and A, where Naruto became only the 2nd man in history (after Minato of course) to dodge A’s fastest attack:

And he was also shown having a technique similar to the flying Thunder God technique during chapter 700. I’m not sure of exactly what it was, but Boruto likened it to some form of teleportation jutsu:

Similarly, Sasuke has the Amenotejikara.

This is essentially the same as the Flying Thunder God technique, because the premise for both is to teleport the user to where something is.
The former teleports the user to a kunai, and the Amenotejikara teleports the user to any inanimate object while replacing their body with the object in question. A good example of how effective it can be when used in combat was when Sasuke used it during the War to catch Kaguya off guard, by switching places instantly with a Naruto Shadow Clone in order to be in position to land the decisive blow:

  Dive into anything

And Sasuke again demonstrated how fast this technique is when he used it during Gaiden to escape from Shin’s attack by switching places with one of his Mini-Me’s, and launch a counter attack from behind:

So yeah I dunno, because both Naruto and Sasuke have each possess god-tier levels of speed – Naruto through his Nine Tails Chakra mode, and Sasuke though his Space/Time teleportation. Although, I must say that Sasuke’s speed has been emphasised a lot more since the former has been shown using the Amenotejikara a lot more than Naruto has used his speedy manoeuvres.

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