The Earth’s weight.

The Earth’s weight.

How Much Does the Earth Weigh?
How Much Does the Earth Weigh?

The Earth weighs 5,972,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons. (sextillion tons). Igneous rock makes up 95% of the Earth’s crust (35KM deep) and Strontium makes up 0.034% of the Igneous rock on Earth. My question is, how much in tons does Igneous rock weigh in comparison to the Earth’s weight, and how much does Strontium make up of the Earth’s weight.

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I think I have included all relevant information.

You gave us total earth weight (I think that is what you said)…..need to know weight of earth’s CRUST , of which igneous is 95%

The crust weighs 2.8 * 10^19 tonnes from what I’ve seen.

Then igneous rock wt to earth weight is:

.95 x 2.8 x 10^19 / 5.972 x 10^21 = .4454 x10^-2 = .4454% of the earth

Strontium is .034% of igneous weight

.00034 (.95 x 2.8 x 10^19) / 5.972 x 10^21 = .000904 x 10^19 / 5.972 x 10^21 =

.00015144 x 10^-2 = .00015144% of earth is srtontium

  All life on Earth, in one staggering chart

Igneous rock weight is in blue Strontium wt is in red.

Assumptions : You gave me correct numbers for earth wt and crust weight

%’s are by weight and are correct

I do not know if these are metric or US tons (suspect US tons)

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