Sadie Robertson, Christian Huff ‘Struggled’ After Welcoming Daughter

Sadie Robertson, Christian Huff ‘Struggled’ After Welcoming Daughter

Why Serving Your Family Is Sometimes Harder than Serving a Stranger | Christian Huff
Why Serving Your Family Is Sometimes Harder than Serving a Stranger | Christian Huff

Growing in love. Sadie Robertson got real about how her and husband Christian Huff’s relationship has changed since welcoming their daughter, Honey, in May 2021.

“I’ve never felt more strong or confident [in] who I am and in my life,” the 24-year-old former reality star exclusively told Us Weekly while promoting her new book, Who Are You Following? Pursuing Jesus in a Social Media Obsessed World. “Christian and I have never felt closer as a couple just because went through the most vulnerable time ever together.”

The Duck Dynasty alum noted that she had a “rough” time with postpartum after giving birth to Honey, but that experience only strengthened sense of self.

“It’s just, you know, the most raw version of you. It’s hard and it’s a struggle. I think it makes you the mom that you’re gonna be,” she explained. “Don’t be discouraged if you feel like, ‘I’m losing my mind,’ because you probably will feel like that. [But] you’re gonna come out and you’re gonna be, like, ‘Wow, I’m so much stronger.’”

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Sadie: Christian and I Have ‘Never Felt Closer’ After Welcoming Daughter

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant admitted that the early days of parenthood also tested her and Huff’s relationship.

“I mean we both struggled. I think what was crazy and kind of not fun at time,” Robertson told Us. “But [it is] fun to look back on [because] we were both struggling at the same time, you know? And at the time, like, that’s hard when you’re both struggling because we both were trying to figure this out.”

The Finding Freedom author recalled Honey crying “all the time” after her arrival, which caused her and Huff, 23, to feel like “we were gonna absolutely lose our mind half the time.” That shared experience, however, further cemented their bond.

“There were certainly days where, you know, it’s hard not to get frustrated at each other or whatever. But I will say, like, it did kinda help realizing that we’re both struggling. Like we’re literally in this together,” she continued. “Like, I’m about to lose my mind [and] you’re about to lose your mind. Like, ‘OK, we’re a team here. … Let’s be in this together.’”

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The Louisiana native called her husband a “great teammate” through all the ups and downs. She added, “We definitely had our stumbles and our moments where we were like, ‘What the heck is happening?’ But no, those moments really do definitely make you stronger.”

Robertson also recalled having to work through issues of jealousy during the couple’s early days of dating, explaining how her partner eased her fears.

“He said, ‘There’s a difference between some women being attractive — and that’s just a fact — and then being captivated by someone.’ And he said, ‘I’m so captivated by you, which means you hold my full attention. So, no matter what anyone else is doing, it’s not that I get distracted because I’m captivated by you,’” she told Us. “And I thought that was such a beautiful point. And it meant so much to me that Christian said that and gave me a lot of peace.”

Now that the duo have been married for two years — they tied the knot in November 2019 — Robertson said she can’t remember the last time she felt “super jealous” of someone else.

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Robertson, instead, has been focused on her new book, Who Are You Following? Pursuing Jesus in a Social Media Obsessed World, which comes out on Tuesday, February 1.

“[I] kind of had this message on my heart for a while to, kind of, bring a biblical perspective to social media,” she told Us. “Social media is interesting because the older generation didn’t have it. This is the first time where we’re really running [into] it. We’re really figuring it out as a younger generation. We don’t have someone to look up to and say, ‘How do you navigate the feelings of comparison on social media? How do you navigate people just being completely hateful, right to your face online?’”

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