Rose Molina

Rose Molina

Julie Sings \”Wake Up\” Clip | Julie and the Phantoms | Netflix After School
Julie Sings \”Wake Up\” Clip | Julie and the Phantoms | Netflix After School

Rose Molina is a character in the Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms. She is portrayed by Danube Hermosillo.



In 1995, Rose was working as a bartender at the A-list performance venue The Orpheum in Los Angeles when she met the members of Sunset Curve — Luke, Reggie, Alex, and Bobby — after completing their soundcheck.

Rose stated that she had been in a couple of bands. In Finally Free, as Julie is going through her mom’s trunk in search of an outfit, there is a concert ticket on the inside of the lid bearing the name “Rose and the Petal Pushers” — implying to be the name of one of the bands she had been in.

It is speculated that, at some point, she met and married Ray Molina and bore two children: elder daughter, Julie, and younger son, Carlos. However, this has not been confirmed. With the assumption that she is Julie’s mother, Rose is therefore a talented songwriter and musician, exemplified the song Wake Up she had written for Julie.

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In 2019, Rose passed away. The cause of her death is unknown as of season one, although it is implied by Wake Up that she suffered an illness.


From how her family remembers her, Rose was a kind, loving woman who was dedicated to her family. She loved spending time writing and performing music with Julie in the studio, sometimes with Carlos joining in. After her passing, she is missed by her husband and children. Rose’s exceptionally close bond with Julie makes it hard for her move on after her mother’s passing.

Physical appearance[]

Rose has long, brown, curly hair and dark brown eyes. She is very pretty as a young girl in 1995. She is introduced as wearing a black vest, which Julie is later seen wearing in Finally Free.


These characters, while strongly implied to be, are never confirmed to be related to Rose.

  • Ray Molina (husband)
  • Julie Molina (daughter)
  • Carlos Molina (son)
  • Victoria (sister)
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Season One


  • It has not been confirmed whether or not Rose is Julie’s mother, but hints are scattered across episodes in season 1:
    • Julie finds the Sunset Curve demo CD in her studio’s loft.
    • When Julie looks inside the trunk of her mom’s stuff, there are decorations on the lid and one of them is a ticket to “Rose and the Petal Pushers”.
    • Julie wears the same black vest in “Finally Free” that Rose wore when she met Sunset Curve.
    • Flynn finds the Sunset Curve t-shirt in Julie’s mom’s trunk, implied to be the same one given by Reggie after the Sunset Curve soundcheck but had been decorated by Rose.
  • Her favorite flower is the dahlia, which can be seen throughout the first season as clues to her past.
    • In Trevor Wilson’s mansion, there are dahlias near the couch.
    • In “Finally Free”, dahlias are seen in Luke’s parents’ home. Later in the episode, Flynn points out a dahlia pin on Julie’s vest.
    • In “Stand Tall”, Julie is given a dahlia by a stranger as a sign to go ahead and perform even without the guys.
  • She used her home’s garage as a music studio, where she spent a lot of time making music with her daughter. This presumably means that she was in charge of decorating the room. From the placements of objects around the room, Rose:
    • Owned an acoustic guitar (as it did not belong to Luke, Alex or Reggie), which she presumably played since neither Julie nor the rest of Molinas exhibited the skill.
    • Attached three chairs to the ceiling of the studio for reasons unknown as of season 1.
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