‘Pokémon GO’ Needs A Raid Alternative For Catching Legendary Pokémon

‘Pokémon GO’ Needs A Raid Alternative For Catching Legendary Pokémon


Niantic has just switched spawns for the three Legendary Beasts currently roaming around Pokémon GO. Entei is headed to the Americas, Europe/Africa has Suicune and Asia has Raikou. But while you are more than free to head out and start raiding to capture one or a dozen of these beasts, I think it’s about time that Niantic offered alternatives to raiding.

Lately I’ve become exhausted with raiding, particularly legendary raiding given the higher team sizes needed and lower capture rates. And while I’m not going to call for the removal of Legendary raids or anything like that in Pokémon GO, as I know plenty of people like them and make them work, I do think it’s time that Niantic offered alternatives for a crowd who does not like driving around, sitting at gyms, organizing raids on Discord or Facebook with strangers and losing out on catches because of terrible RNG.

My proposal? Something I’ve been suggesting from the beginning. That there should be Legendary Quests in Pokémon GO.

Again, these could run alongside raids, and those who raid could still do them. The catch here would be that there would only be one type of Legendary Pokémon given out as a quest reward at a time, and you’re stuck with whatever version you get. So one Zapdos quest, one Suicune quest, etc. If other people want to amass stacks of each Legendary through raiding, more power to them (though I think that system is messed up), but for those who want an alternative, that’s where quests come in.

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My inspiration here is actually taken from Destiny, where exotic quests let you complete a laundry list of steps in-game to secure a specific exotic weapon in the end.

Quests are not terribly difficult to imagine, even in the current activity-limited state of Pokémon GO. Say you want to catch Entei, which just arrived in the US. You can go raid, or you take on an “Entei Quest,” meaning that whenever you complete it, you’ll have at least one. These quests, once started, would stay in your log/journal until completed, even after a rotation or spawn period ends for raids. Again, you’re only getting one Pokémon, so raiders are still at an advantage if they want to put the work in and hunt for that perfect 100% IV monster, but this way, everyone could get at least one copy of a legendary just through playing the game.

Here’s what I imagine a potential Entei Quest would be:

Step 1: Catch 50 wild Pokémon

Step 2: Evolve 5 fire types

Step 3: Walk 10 km with a fire type buddy

Step 4: Defeat 10 gym defenders using fire type Pokémon

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Step 5: Spin 30 Pokestops. The 30th will get you a Legendary Entei Egg

Step 5: Walk 50 km to hatch Entei

Here, I’ve devised a quest that uses almost every aspect of the game besides raiding, and everything you see here are activities that A) can be completed as a solo player and B) actually require you to walk around outside again instead of just driving to and from raids like most players are doing now.

Die-hard players could grind out many of these steps right away (other than 60 km of walking), but everyone else would probably take a couple weeks to complete this quest if they were playing more casually.

I don’t see a reason this kind of thing could not exist alongside current Legendary raids. Super raiders could do this too and get one more free Legendary than they’d have through raiding. Casual players could take on this quest and complete it whenever they wanted to, and not feel like they were totally missing out on the arrival of Legendaries because they don’t want to deal with the frustration of raiding (and it can be frustrating). Again, there’s a cost here. You are stuck with whatever IV Legendary you get, but again, IV doesn’t matter to a vast majority of players. They just want one of these Pokémon to add to their collection. They can do that through a raid if they want, which honestly, might actually be easier given that you can technically complete one and catch a Legendary in ten minutes, if you’re fortunate, but the point is that this alternative would still be there.

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I suppose the potential downside of this quest system would be removing a certain segment of the playerbase from raids, as those who are only satisfied with one Legendary may just choose to skip raids and do this instead. But honestly, good. The game needs to be less totally taken over by raids at this point, as they’ve fully consumed the game in its present state. And if there are less people to raid, balance raid encounters accordingly, which is already something that needs to be looked at.

Pokémon GO needs quests more generally (think about daily or weekly quests you could do for Stardust, XP or random Pokémon rewards), but I think a good place to start would be multi-step Legendary quests as a raid alternative. Let me know if you agree.

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