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What If There Were 1 Nonillion People On Earth?
What If There Were 1 Nonillion People On Earth?

Did you know? 11 July is World Population Day! Here are some fascinating facts about people around the world. And you will find some awesome infographics with updated population statistics and important facts.

Almost 8 billion people live on our planet today. The world population is growing every day.

The growth rate stands at about 1% per year. In the last ten years, the world population has grown a tremendous 1 billion people, as the world only housed 7 billion people in 2011!

By the year 2050, estimates show that the population will account between 9 and 10 billion people and the world population will be between 20 and 30 per cent larger than in 2020!

Asia is the most populous continent housing about 60% of all the world’s people. So let’s start with some basic facts about people around the world:

For many years, China is the most populous country. In 2022, China and India both are home to more than 1.4 billion people and these two countries thus are the most populous countries. India is expected to surpass China in population numbers already in November 2022 and will soon be the most populous country!

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The USA is currently the third most populous country with Indonesia and Pakistan following close behind with populations of over 300 million people.

In 2050, the world population is predicted to house around 9.7 billion people.

India is predicted to be the most populated country and will then house over 1.6 billion people, while China then still will hover around the 1.4 billion mark.

India then will house about 16.8% of the world population. Nigeria will become the third most populated country with over 400 million inhabitants and surpass the USA which in 2050 is expected to still be home to about 300 million people.

The most rapid population growth is predicted for Nigeria which will house a population that increased tenfold from 38 million to over 400 million people in a century.

Among the countries which experienced the most rapid growth over the last 70 years are India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Nigeria.

India only housed 376 million people in 1950 while Indonesia was then home to about 69 million people. Indonesia now houses more than 273 million people. Pakistan’s population increased in the same period from about 38 million to 220 million and Nigeria as well from 38 million to 206 million, but Nigeria’s population numbers are expected to double again until 2050!

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The USA’s population only doubled in recent years, while many countries’ population increased manifold. There is not extraordinary growth rate expected for the USA in the next three decades.

The median age of the people living on our planet in 2022 is 31 years.

The countries with the youngest population are found in Africa. Almost half of Niger’s population is under 15 years of age. Other countries where over 46% of their population are children up to 15 years are: Mali, Chad, Somalia, Angola and Uganda. All top ten countries with youthful population are in Africa.

The oldest population is found in Japan where more than one quarter of the population are older than 65 years.

Other countries with a big portion of an older population are Italy, Portugal and Finland.

With exception of Japan, the countries with the ten oldest population groups are all in Europe.

City states are the most densely populated countries. Here thousands of people share the space. Among these very densely populated countries are Monaco, Singapore and Vatican City as well as the Chinese Territories of Macao and Hong Kong.

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Among the larger countries that are densely packed with people are Bangladesh, South Korea and The Netherlands.

The most densely populated country is Monaco where there are more than 19,000 people per square kilometre.

The most sparcely populated countries are large countries such as Mongolia, Australia and Iceland.

In Australia there are only 3 people per square kilometre.

1. Which continent has the oldest population?

2. Which country has the youngest population?

3. Which country has fastest population growth?

4. Which country in Asia is known for its old population?

5. Which two countries are the most populous?

6. Which country is the most densely populated?

7. Which country is known as the least densely populated?

8. Name two densely populated city states.

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