Noelle Watters, What we know about Jesse Watters’s ex-wife

Noelle Watters, What we know about Jesse Watters’s ex-wife

Jesse Watters: What does China have on Biden? #shorts
Jesse Watters: What does China have on Biden? #shorts

If you watched the show “Outnumbered” 2014, you must have noticed the fine young man that co-hosted the show. Jesse Watters first started his career as a production assistant with Fox News, after which he made his way to the production section of the “O’ Reilly Factor” in 2003.

Around this time, Jesse Watters met the first woman he married, Noelle Watters. The two got married, but the marriage was cut short when it was revealed that Jesse Watters was having an affair with a younger Fox staff.

Jesse Watters started getting more attention as the news of his affair and marriage to the new woman in his life circulated online.

In today’s celebrity report, we will look deeper into the life of Jesse Watter’s ex-wife Noelle Watters, her background, career, and relationship with Jesse Watters.

Summary of Profile

  • Name: Noelle Watters (now Noelle Inguagiato
  • Birthdate: 5th May 1976
  • Age: 45 years as of 2021
  • Place of birth: New York City, New York
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Children: 2
  • Height: 5 ft 6 in
  • Weight: 121 lbs

Who is Noelle Watters?

Noelle Watters is a TV host and a fashion stylist who built a career working at Fox News Channel. She gained more popularity when she got married to Jesse Noelle, a TV presenter, and host who also works at Fox News.

Noelle is about 5 ft 6 in tall and weighs 121 lbs. Her hair color is light brown. She also has brownish eyes. She grew up with her siblings in a middle-class American home.

Noelle Watters background and education

Jesse Watters’s ex-wife, Noelle Inguagiato, was born in New York City, United States, on 5th May 1976. This means she is 45 years old as of 2021. The name of her parents is Peter and Rosemary Inguagiato. She is of Scottish-Irish ethnicity.

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After high school, Noelle Watters attended Fairfield University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Arts. After their studies, she got a job offer at Fox News Channel as a TV host.

Noelle got married to Jesse Watters, but they later separated. She now bears “Inguagiato” instead of ‘Watters’. Jesse doesn’t like sharing things going on in her life. She is always tight-lipped regarding her private life; thus, only a few details are known about her.

Noelle Watters career

Noelle Watters is a fashion lover. She was dedicated to her both her media and fashion career. Even though she started her career working with the Fox News entertainment section in the background, she focused on fashion and style. Slowly and steadily, she made her way to the top ranks. In 2011, she was invited to host her own fashion show, iMag Style.

Things were going well as she attained more fame and got more confident in pursuing her fashion interest. However, her show segment was later removed, and she had to go back to working in the background for the Fox media channel. She became the centre of attention again when she became associated with a co-worker, Jesse Watters.

Aside from Fox News, Noelle has also worked with other media outlets like Outnumbered, daytime news, and talk shows where she worked as an anchor. She also got a job role as a style guide on The O’Reilly.

Noelle Watters ex-husband, Jesse Watters

Just like Noelle Watters, Jesse Watters also started his career with Fox News Channel. He first started working as a production assistant for the show before he moved into the production arm of “The O’Reilly Factor”.

  File:Jesse Watters (50757145047) (cropped).jpg

The move to The O’Reilly Factor was in 2003. The following year saw him appearing in different segments of the show.

His career also experienced growth, though at a slow pace. He became more famous when he featured in the show ‘Outnumbered’ in 2014 as a guest co-host. Outnumbered is a daytime news and talk program that features four female panelists alongside one male guest.

From featuring in Outnumbered, Jesse Watters launched his own monthly TV program Watters World. Subsequently, he gained popularity as an ambush journalist.

This style of journalism saw him approaching people in surprising situations in a bid to get the most natural responses from them.

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Since Jesse Watters’s program was successful and had many views, it was changed to a weekly Saturday show. Jesse Watters’s career growth did not end there. He was assigned the role of a co-host of the series show, The Five, which talks about pop culture, current stories, and political matters. He also became a guest of “The Spin Stops Here Tour”.

Like most people in the top media scene or position, Jesse Watters has had his own fair share of controversies. The most prominent was the claim that he exhibited racist behavior towards Asian Americans.

This controversy arose in a segment of the show in 2016 where he asked the inhabitants of New York City’s Chinatown whether they knew karate or not. He also asked if he should bow and greet them or not. For saying these, Jesse Watters was heavily criticized by his colleagues and members of the public, including mayor Bill de Blasio.

Controversy also arose regarding his marriage to Noelle Jesse when news revealed that he was having an affair with another woman, a younger staff at Fox News Channel. Jesse later divorced his wife, Noelle, and married the woman he was said to have had an extramarital affair with.

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Noelle and Jesse Watter’s relationship and marriage

Noelle and Jesse Watters met while they were both working at Fox News. They started dating shortly after they met. While Noelle’s fame slid a little (when her iMag show was withdrawn), Jesse’s fame was on the rise. However, that didn’t matter to the duo as they went ahead to tie the knot in 2009.

Not much was said or known about Noelle and Jesse’s marriage until sudden news of their divorce erupted in 2017. Noelle Watters filed for a divorce. A few months later, the media found out and unraveled the cause of the divorce.

According to sources, Noelle had found out that her husband was having an extramarital affair with a lady working on his show Emma DiGiovine. Emma DiGiovine was 25 years old at that point. After the divorce papers were filed, Jesse informed the channel about his relationship, and in line with the company rules, he was transferred to another show.

Jesse and Noelle had two children together. Their kids are twin daughters named Elle and Sophie Watters. They were born on 4th November 2011. Noelle won custody of the twins and relocated with them to Washington, DC.

Noelle Watters net worth

As of 2018, Noelle Watters had an estimated net worth of $1 million, a net worth she earned from a successful TV/media career.

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