Nickmercs Net Worth 2022 – How Exactly He Made It? 04

Nickmercs Net Worth 2022 – How Exactly He Made It? 04

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Mande SHOCKED After Seeing How Much Money Taxi2g Makes a Month | Apex Legends

Birth DateNovember 21, 1990
Height1.8 m
Wife/SpouseEmumita Bonita
Social MediaInstagram, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter

Nickmercs or Nicholas Kolcheff is a well-known American Twitch streamer and a Youtuber, who apparently hit the spotlight of earning a six-figure income over a small-time!

Nickmercs net worth is something most YouTubers and twitch users lay eyes on!

Before hitting Nickmercs net worth journey, getting to know about this fancy figure will be worth your time!

Nickmercs is from Detroit, Michigan, that is where he was born on November 21, 1990. Even as a kid Nickmercs loved gaming!

He even started his online gaming in his early teenage years! Due to his parents’ reputation, Nicholas had to attend a community college.

He even had thoughts of joining Navy SEALS, but since he got rejected he had to find something else to lay eyes on!

Even though he loved online games, his parents were more inclined towards sports! This is how he ended up in Gears of War esports.

Since Nickmercs knew that it was not the era to get career stability in online gaming, he persuaded his team and earned MLG Anaheim, MLG Dr Pepper, and MLG Orlando National Championships titles!

With time coming around, he eventually started to chase his own passion: online gaming!

Nickmercs Net Worth

Nickmercs net worth of millions kick-started when he joined Twitch with his Gears of the War fan base!

In 2009 he won the Gears of War 2 national championship and won over $130K.

The success enriched for Nickmercs net worth as he gained over 5.7 million subscribers for his Twitch account and over 3.8 million subscribers in his Youtube account!

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Nickmercs net worth has quite an interesting story too. Being a famous streamer and a YouTuber, like everyone else Nickmercs had to work through hardships and critics to become the figure that people talk of as ‘Nickmercs net worth’!

When his journey started he didn’t know where he was heading but as a college student, one of his friends showed him a pathway to earn online through subscribing and donating to gaming streamers.

Over time, when he had a considerate follower count he focused on streaming content to get them engaged!

Nickmercs net worth drastically increased and current Nickmercs net worth is estimated as $5.5 million as of 2022.

Once he had a stable follower engagement rate he received a good amount of sponsors and collaborators to upstream his work!

His work towards Nickmercs net worth would not be possible if he didn’t have a supporter, who is Nickmercs wife!

Why is Nickmercs So Popular?

Nickmercs is so popular because of the way he creates his content for his followers.

Famous for Nickmercs net worth and getting sponsorships and collaborators around the world, Nickmercs work is highly appreciated as a streamer among gamers.

The way he enters into the gaming world he takes minimal risks and knows when exactly to disengage from fights.

Nickmercs became popular through his Call of Duty streams and Fortnite gameplays and keeping everything balanced, even his private life!

Nickmercs popularity didn’t stop him from having a well-balanced private life and as well as a happy Nickmercs wife!

Along with his success and difficult times Nickmercs wife was always there beside him!

Nickmers Wife – Emumita Bonita and family

His family life is private yet interesting! There’s always a woman behind every successful man! For Nick, it was Nickmercs wife!

Nickmercs wife was one of the stepping stones to Nickmercs net worth journey that we talk about today!

Nickmercs wife, Emumita Bonita is a gorgeous woman with high ambitions to succeed and never fails to admit her husband’s success!

Their love story goes way back to when Nickmercs was only 12 years old! Nickmercs and Emumita Bonita met each other when they were around 12 years of age!

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Nickmercs wife – Emumita Bonita, was born November 26, 1991, which makes her one year younger than Nickmercs.

After a very successful and truly irreplaceable love story, they got hitched in October 2020!

Emumita Bonita and Nickmercs live in South Florida, USA. Being a millionaire streamer’s wife, especially Nickmercs wife, Emumita Bonita keeps her private life to herself.

Did Nickmercs Quit Fortnight?

Though Nickmercs net worth has reached millions of dollars, there was a huge rumor spread across the gamers of Nicmercs quitting Fortnight.

This was somewhere between March 2020 where Nickmercs says he might quit Fortnight as his main game. Fortnight is a very competitive place with high numbers of advanced competitors in the battle royale genre.

After two years of Fortnight, on March 17th Nickmercs hints to fans that it’s time to end Fortnight as he enjoys the new Call of Duty battle royale Warzone!

However, according to in November 2020, mentioned that Nickmercs hints of return back to Fortnight after eight long months!

This was a piece of big news in the gaming world and for his fans. This was finally confirmed when Nickmercs tweeted about finally being back in addiction to Fortnight on November 25, 2020!

Although Nickmercs wanted to rest things aside, something caught his fans attention with Nickmercs and Swagg, personal friends into wargamers!

What happened to Nicmercs and Swagg

Nickmercs and Swagg are friends and apparently became fellow clan members of FaZe.

However, in October 2020 these duos had an argument and breakdown regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war and they couldn’t agree upon their opinions.

They also refused to partake in its testing phase as they refuse to criticize something they both do not enjoy!

However, things went array when Nickmecs spoke up about FaZe Swagg cheating allegations, BadBoy!

According to Nickmercs and Swagg finally cleared things out in late April 2021!

Nickmercs Streaming Hours

Nickmercs usually stream for 7 hours between 9 PM and 3 AM. According to Nickmercs streamed for 30 hours in the last 7 days with an average of 34k viewers. Nickmercs streaming can be divided averagely as:

Call of Duty Warzone6 hours
Fitness & Health1 hour
Fortnite2 hours
Others: Apex Legends, Knockout City, Snipper Ghost warriorContracts 2
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You can find more about Nickmercs streaming schedule here!

Nickmercs Warzone Settings – 2022

You won’t stop just at Nickmercs streaming schedule, right? Well, then here’s some more to keep your research easy along with Nickmercs warzone settings!

Nickmercs Warzone settings are the best of the best as he has a clear goal of how he wants the run!

Perfectly set at each setting according, Nickmercs warzone settings to Warzone sensitivity, best performance and gameplay!

Nickmercs perfectly set out his setting from ADS Sens Multiplier, horizontal/vertical sens, audio, stick layout, input device and many more as below for Nickmercs warzone settings!

Nickmercs warzone settings allowed him to active his lifelong credibility of Nickmercs net worth! Over the years and with his experience gained through the years playing warzone, he mastered Nickmercs warzone settings.

So here’s Nickmercs warzone settings along with his gadgets where you can buy them through Amazon:

Nickmercs Gaming Gears:

Monitor: Alienware AW2518H

Controller: SCUF Infinity 4PS PRO MFAM

Headset: ASTRO Gaming A40 TR

Gaming Set-up:

Microphone: Shure SM7B

Webcam: Logitech BRIO Ultra HD

Capture Card: Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro

Streaming PC Set-up:


Motherboard: ASRock X570 EXTREME4 WiFi

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

Memory: TEAMGROUP T-Force Xcalibur RGB DDR4 16GB

Storage: Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe 1TB

Nickmercs warzone settings can be very helpful for those intending to follow his path! Nickmercs is one of the best examples for gamers that they can do better and succeed…

FAQs – Nickmercs

What team is NICKMERCS on?

Nickmercs is currently an active member of FaZe Clan.

How tall is NICKMERCS?

Nickmercs is 6ft tall.

What Monitor does NickMercs use?

Nickmercs currently uses the Alienware AW2518H monitor. (updated 2022)


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