Mysterious Letter

Mysterious Letter

Đám cưới con chủ trại hòm, gia chủ dựng rạp cưới với chiếc \”view\” khiến khách sốc nặng
Đám cưới con chủ trại hòm, gia chủ dựng rạp cưới với chiếc \”view\” khiến khách sốc nặng

Mysterious Letter is a letter accessible from a room in the southern part of the Nameless Ruins by using nine Orb of the Blue Depths to open the Locked Gate in the Nameless Ruins. There are twelve versions of the letter, each with only one clearly-written line while the other eleven are blurred out and illegible. Each player will only be able to read one version of the letter.

The contents of the letter is written in the Latin-Based Language.

Deciphered Text

Non custos si fingar ille Caenrium
non fulmineus ego lyrae Barbatos
non si pegaseo ferar volatu
non Morphes niveae citaeque bigae
adde huc plumipedas volatilesque
ventorumque simul require cursum
quos iunctos amica mea mihi dicares
defessus tamen omnibus medullis
et multis languoribus peresus
essem te mihi amica quaeritando
caelum dilabitur
falsitas collabitur

  A mysterious letter lost in the post in 1916 was finally delivered to a London address more than 100 years later

Temporary Translation

Not as if I were to be outfitted as that guardian of Khaenri’ah
Not as if my destructive self were made to be the lyre of Barbatos
Not as if I were to soar like a Pegasus
Not if I were the swift, snow-white pair of Morphes
Add these to the feather-footed and the winged
And likewise, call for the swiftness of the winds
And though you should harness these, friend, and offer them to me
Yet I should be tired to the bone
And worn away by frequent faintness
My friend, while I would search for you
The heavens fall to pieces
And falsehoods collapse



  • The text is largely derived from Catullus 58b, a poem written by the Roman poet Catullus in regards to his search of his missing friend.
    • The related achievement’s name CREDE TENEBRIS is likely also a reference to this.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial Name
EnglishMysterious letter



Shénmì de Xìnjiān




Shénmì de Xìnjiān


Fushigi na Tegami

Korean신비한 편지

Sinbihan Pyeonji

SpanishCarta misteriosa
FrenchLettre mystérieuse
RussianТаинственное письмо

Tainstvennoye pis’mo


Chotmai Lueklap

VietnameseLá Thư Thần Bí
GermanMysteriöser Brief
IndonesianSurat Misterius
PortugueseCarta Misteriosa
TurkishGizemli Mektup
ItalianLettera misteriosa
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