Minecraft: How To Make Stone Bricks 04

Minecraft: How To Make Stone Bricks 04

Minecraft, But You Spell to Craft…
Minecraft, But You Spell to Craft…

Stone bricks are some of the best building materials in Minecraft. They are easy to make and come from materials that are pretty easy to find, even without using any Minecraft cheats.

There are several types of stone bricks that can be crafted or found out in the world. Stone bricks make up many of the buildings, ruins, and some secret locations in the world of Minecraft. Players can make basic Stone Bricks, Smooth Stone Bricks, Mossy Stone Bricks, Chiseled Stone Bricks, and Cracked Stone Bricks. But in order to get any of these bricks, players will have to dig up some stone.

Basic stone bricks can be created with four basic stones and a crafting table. Stones can be mined from just about anywhere, in any Minecraft Biome. These basic Stone Bricks make for a great basis of any foundation, stone wall, or building.

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Mossy stone bricks are a variation of stone bricks that have green vines growing over them. These look great to make in-game ruins, jungle buildings, and beautiful gardens. Mossy stone bricks give a unique look to walls in any Minecraft biome. They are made by combining stone bricks and vines. Players can also combine vines and cobblestones to make mossy cobblestone bricks to make a slightly different look.

Smooth Stone Bricks are only available in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, and can only be made with commands.

Cracked Stone Bricks can give an aged looked to any building, and also make for a great building material for anyone interested in recreated ancient ruins in their world of Minecraft. Unlike the other bricks in this list, Cracked Stone Bricks require both the use of basic Stone Bricks, charcoal, and a Furnace. “Cooking” a basic Stone Brick in a furnace will give players the cracked look they are looking for.

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Chiseled Stone Bricks have several steps that players have to complete. First, stone is needed to make basic stone bricks. Then, basic stone bricks can be turned into Stone Brick Slabs. After that, combine Stone Brick Slabs to make Chiseled Bricks. Even though these bricks are the most complicated ones to make, the final look is worth it; it gives a unique silhouette to any building or wall.

With any of these bricks, players can make any kind of building of their dreams, like the entire Destiny 2 game rebuilt in Minecraft.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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