Margaret (Peggy) Stairs — ALS Society of Alberta

Margaret (Peggy) Stairs — ALS Society of Alberta

Margaret (Peggy) Quinn
Margaret (Peggy) Quinn

Peggy loved her friends, loved to socialize and have a fun time, all with a sparkle that no one could resist. She was always classy, impeccably dressed and had a lovely disposition. She truly left her mark with every person she touched.

In 2006, Peggy was diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis. She faithfully attended the PLS support group in Calgary and considered the members as close friends, deeply appreciating their support, and giving support, through this difficult journey. She loved attending the group and valued the connection she had with each member. And not surprising, the group loved Peggy.

Peggy was born in Toronto and moved to Calgary as an adult, and it remained her home until her final 5 years in Victoria. The challenges Peggy faced as a child growing up prepared her to face life’s challenges and to not just persevere but to triumph. She resolved to make the best of a situation and to seize the opportunities that presented themselves.

  Why is Peggy Short for Margaret?

Peggy had her yellow belt in Judo, a pilot license for gliding, was intimately involved with the Canada Cup Sailing Challenge, and would have LOVED to had the chance to travel in space! She worked as an Executive Secretary for many years, a Realtor and owned All-Type Secretarial Services. When she was no longer able to work due to PLS she spent her winters in Puerto Vallarta. She loved the heat and had wonderful friendships in the ex-pat community…. some of her best memories!

She kept her dear friends close, one of those friends being Jean. For 31 years, Jean and Peggy had a very special mother-daughter type bond. They traveled together to Japan, Thailand, India & Nepal with wild and wonderful adventures that Peggy enjoyed reminiscing about.

As PLS started to take away Peggy’s independence, she didn’t allow it to take away her spirit. Peggy passed away on her birthday, March 5, 2019, with Jean by her side after celebrating her full life with champagne and her favorite chocolate cake. Peggy left a legacy to ensure we continue to “make life better” for our families.

  Margaret “Peggy“ Dwyer, formerly of Massena

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