Julie Molina

Julie Molina

Julie and the Phantoms 2 | Season 2 Episode 1 | First 3 minutes | Netflix
Julie and the Phantoms 2 | Season 2 Episode 1 | First 3 minutes | Netflix

Julie Molina is the main protagonist featured in the Netflix Original Series Julie and the Phantoms. She is portrayed by Madison Reyes.



Julie Molina was born in 2004 to Ray Molina and Rose Molina in Los Angeles, California. She has a younger brother, Carlos Molina.

Her mother, Rose, to whom she was extremely close to, passed away in 2019. Julie and her younger brother, Carlos, are then raised by their dad, Ray Molina, with help from her aunt Victoria, her late mother’s sister. Rose’s death has had a profound impact on Julie, to the point where she lost her passion for music and exhibited signs of struggling to fit in at her high school. However, her spark for music is reignited when she meets three of the members of a 1995 band called Sunset Curve, who are now ghosts. Luke, the lead singer and guitarist of the band, encourages her to look at a song her mom wrote, called Wake Up. She plays it the next morning, and with playing again, feels more connected to both her mom and her music. The guys, amazed by her musical talent, ask her to join their band, setting her on the road to musical recovery as she begins playing with Sunset Curve. With Julie’s addition, the band is renamed Julie and the Phantoms (by Flynn).

As the episodes progress, she develops a reciprocal crush on Luke. She learns about his past and the hurt he carries around with him, and successfully attempts to help him make amends with his mother. To help the boys “cross over” in order to escape Caleb’s offer, she plays Stand Tall with them in The Orpheum. Although that was not the boys’ unfinished business, she still manages to break Caleb’s curse over them by declaring her love for her ghost friends, freeing them and rendering them tangible for repeated group hugs.

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Throughout Julie and the Phantoms[]

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Julie is headstrong, determined, loyal, caring and has a wonderful voice. She values friendship, her family, and music over everything else. She’s not afraid to stand up for herself and speak her mind when she gets mistreated, and values her own time and energy. Julie is courageous and pushes herself to work towards her dreams. She faces her fears head on and does it with grace, power, and vulnerability.

Julie had a close relationship with her mom and looked up to her greatly. Her mom helped Julie discover music when she was young and taught her how to play piano. She’s incredibly talented with songwriting, singing, piano, dance, and is very artistic as well.

Physical Appearance[]

Julie is Latin-American with curly brown hair, brown eyes and light brown skin. Her clothing style is described by costume designer Soyan An as “a stylish girl on a budget,” and “effortlessly chic.” Her jeans and sneakers serve as a canvas for her art work, along with the multitude of woven and beaded friendship bracelets she shows off. As she reconnects with her music, she starts wearing her mom’s old clothes- colorful 90’s looks. She is often shown wearing butterflies, as hair clips, patches, and jewelry. She also wears three gold necklaces- a choker with moons on it, a necklace that says “Julie,” and Virgin Mary necklace. Sometimes she wears glasses. Her signature color is purple.



Julie and Flynn have been best friends for a long time. Flynn and Julie promised to be in a band together, “Double Trouble”, though Julie protests that she never agreed on the name. Flynn stands up for Julie when friend-turned-enemy Carrie gives her a hard time.

At first, Julie doesn’t tell Flynn about the ghost boys in her studio, which drives a wedge in the girls’ friendship. Flynn, upset that Julie was keeping things from her, plans on egging Julie’s window. Julie comes clean with a song, “Flying Solo ” from a poem she had written about Flynn when she had been helping Julie with the loss of her mom. Flynn becomes the band’s unofficial-official manager, and comes up with the name ”Julie and the Phantoms”.

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Luke, Alex and Reggie[]

Julie first meets the boys in Wake Up, whom she accidentally summoned when playing an old Sunset Curve CD in her family’s garage that used to be her late mom’s music studio.


Julie has had a long-time crush on Nick according to Flynn, but had never talked to him. In Finally Free, Nick and his lacrosse team joined Julie’s dance class, where Julie and Nick become dance partners. After spending time with Julie following his break-up with Carrie, Nick asks Julie out on a date in Unsaid Emily. Julie, however, gently declines as she realizes that she likes someone else.


In I Got the Music, Flynn teases Julie over her budding crush on Luke. Julie dismisses it, claiming that it is only because of their shared feeling of loss that their bond is close. In Perfect Harmony, as Julie and Nick are practicing their dance routine, Julie begins to daydream that she is dancing with Luke instead, implying that she indeed does have a crush on Luke. Alex and Reggie also tease Luke about his crush on Julie in “Edge of Great”, saying that “everyone can see the way you look at her when you sing”.

Carrie Wilson[]

Carrie and Julie used to be friends as stated by Carrie in “Bright” and “Edge of Great”. Trevor Wilson’s recognition of Julie in “Stand Tall” also shows that Julie used to be a close friend of the family.


  • Wake Up
  • Bright
  • Flying Solo
  • I Got the Music
  • Finally Free
  • Perfect Harmony
  • Edge of Great
  • Stand Tall


Season One
  • Wake Up
  • Bright
  • Flying Solo
  • I Got the Music
  • The Other Side of Hollywood
  • Finally Free
  • Edge of Great
  • Unsaid Emily
  • Stand Tall


  • Julie plays the piano and is the lead vocals in Julie and the Phantoms.
  • She sometimes wears glasses.
  • She used to write songs with her mother. She now writes songs with Luke.
  • Her crush on Luke was first mentioned in I Got the Music.
  • In the first episode, Rose, who is presumably Julie’s mother, is seen cheering the boys on and talking to them in 1995.
  • Hints have been scattered throughout the series to imply that Rose is Julie’s mother. A ticket to Rose’s show can be seen on the lid of Julie’s mom’s chest of clothes. Julie’s mom also has the Sunset Curve shirt that Rose received from Reggie.
  • Carrie and Julie used to be best friends, but the cause of their falling out is unknown as of season 1.
  • Julie is one of the few characters that have appeared in every episode so far, along with Luke, Alex, Reggie, Flynn and Nick.
  • Madison Reyes, the actress who portrays Julie, was born on June 25, 2004. The Netflix show was filmed from September to December 2019, making Madison 15 years old at the time.
  • According to an interview, Julie’s friendship with Flynn is signified by jewelry, as they both wear many woven and beaded bracelets.
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“Hey disappointment.” (Wake Up)

”They aren’t real. There’s no such thing as cute ghosts”. (Wake Up)

“AHH! That’s me, ripping off the band-aid.” (Wake Up)

“This? This- can’t happen. It’s creepy.” (Wake Up)

“You break it, I’ll break you.” (Wake Up)

“Yeah, maybe then you can consider the chemical properties of manners.” (Bright)

“No, and I’m pretty sure that’s just a hurtful ghost stereotype.” (Flying Solo)

“These guys are just normal dead dudes- well. Reggie’s a little questionable.” (Flying Solo)

“Then I’ll learn how to fiddle!” (I Got the Music)

“And he’s rich. He has his own helicopter.” (The Other Side of Hollywood)

“Hey, Nick… Nickster, Nickypoo, Nickalicious… make it stop-” (The Other Side of Hollywood)

“I’m not gonna lie, that was kinda good.” (Finally Free)

“Hi, it’s actually Julie and the Phantoms.” (Finally Free)

“Sorry, my brain was wandering, but it wandered back!” (Edge of Great)

“Don’t come to close, anyone I seem to care about disappears.” (Unsaid Emily)

“Snap out of it! Get it together!” (Stand Tall)

“They were my friends. My band. My family.” (Stand Tall)

“I know I already said this, but… thank you guys.” (Stand Tall)

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