If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?

The Whole History of the Earth and Life 【Finished Edition】
The Whole History of the Earth and Life 【Finished Edition】

Let me start this post off by saying that in no way shape or form do we ever need to live our lives trying to impress other people. We should live life for ourselves and not others.

I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw this quote pop up and it caught my eye over anything else I have ever read. When I first read it I stopped and had a really long hard think about it. I couldn’t quite comprehend the direction of the question being asked. So I saved it in my photo gallery and later that day I opened it up again. This time I could begin to understand the depth of this question. I wanted to get someone else’s take on it before I began writing this post so I went through and asked my dad “If the whole world was blind how many people would we impress” he replied with “however many and whoever we wanted to”. I thought this was such a spot on answer.

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I know that it is so easy to get wrapped up in the social demand to impress people through the way we look or what we have to our name. Society today is so wrapped up in the need to prove ourselves to others, that no one ever really gets to know anyone properly. Think about it, I know it’s super shallow and sad of us but in todays society if we see someone that looks appealing to our eye and has the physical attributes we enjoy, we will be more likely to go and speak to them.

If the whole world were blind we would be in charge of our own personal ‘sales pitch’ to whoever and however many we wanted to stand out to, instead of our looks taking the lead. There would no longer be any expectation of the ‘perfect’ face, body shape, weight, eye colour or hair colour. The pressures of which clothing brands we wear or how much plastic surgery we have had to make ourselves look ‘perfect’ would no longer exist and the whole world would be happier healthier place.

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We would impress the people that we sounded and felt perfect to instead of trying to shape up to a picture of ‘perfect’ that society has painted. Our own personality would make us impressive to someone instead of our looks. We would impress people through common interests and skills we have, instead of the car we drive or house we own. The things we have to say would intrigue others as well as the education we have behind us. We would be able to have full conversations with people without being interrupted by the bleep of the demanding iPhone. We would be able to get to know people and connect with them on a deeper level than ever before.

Overall, I personally think that we could impress more people than we have in the past… due to the fact that we would no longer doubt ourselves or feel that we are not good enough for some ones time. We would gain confidence as people would have to dig deep to really get to know us and it wouldn’t just stop at the way we looked. Someone who isn’t perceived as ‘perfect’ in society’s eyes could be the right amount of perfect someone else is looking for. Looks are only skin deep people. Know your true self and your looks will become just a bonus.

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Leave your thoughts on this post below, i am extremely interested in what other people’s thoughts on this question are! ☼

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