Howie Long’s $16 Million Net Worth – Collection of Chevy Trucks and Big Houses With Other Wealth

Howie Long’s $16 Million Net Worth – Collection of Chevy Trucks and Big Houses With Other Wealth

Howie Long's $16 Million Net Worth - Collection of Chevy Trucks and Big Houses With Other Wealth

Former NFL DE Howie Long is everything ranging from a phenomenal Defensive end to actor and a sports analyst, back when he was drafted by Oakland Raiders, in the second round picks back in 1981, he was drafted for $30 million, which in today’s value would be $43.8 million, in current time.

However, he is currently worth $16 million, currently; years after his NFL career ended. Likewise, he has appeared in 5 movies and works for Fox sports as an NFL analyst. As a Fox analyst, he receives over $4 million every year in salary. So, let’s take a quick look at his current assets, home, and belongings, shall we?

Howie Long’s House

Howie Long owns a huge mansion in Charlottesville, Virginia (VA), US. His mansion features a huge field, an outdoor swimming pool, a huge car park, along two huge houses and a guest house. The house was reportedly bought for a shiny $4 million.

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Howie Long's Charlottesville, Virginia (VA) Mansion

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Howie Long’s Montana penthouse

Flathead Lake also has a small paint house in Montana Flathead Lake where he along with his family goes for vacation every summer.

Howie Long's Flathead Lake Paint House

He is often seen clicking pictures along with his friends on Flathead Lake, so it looks like his summer home is also pretty close to her heart. As per some brokerage agencies, the house in Flathead Lake area costs somewhere around $3.5 million, despite being small, the house is worth a fortune.

Four Chevy Cars

Howie Long is a 6ft 5 inches tall man, which means smaller convertible cars aren’t his cup of tea. He has also admitted being a huge Chevy fan and rides a Chevrolet Colorado worth $21300.

Howie Long is a Chevy Fan, All-onscreen Chevy Truck that Long owns

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He was also featured in Chevrolet commercial and has been a loyal ambassador for Chevy trucks.

That’s pretty much his mantra, no Ford! He also has had some TV drag rage against Ford, that’s how much he loves his Chevys.

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Howie Long Chevy Vs. Ford Episode on Fox

He is also into Wrist watches and Ring

Watches define luxury, and Long knows it! He is into all kinds of Rollies. You will be surprised to know that he has a Rolex for everyday.

Usually he flaunts a leather strap Rolex as his days are always filled with some kind of activity, but when he is reporting for Fox, he usually flaunts a 18 karet white gold strapped 40 mm diameter watch worth $30,300.

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Likewise, he was seen attending his son’t NFL event and was seen wearing an android athlete edition watch to see and evaluate his son’s performance.

Likewise, Diane Addonizio and Howie Long were married in 1982. We brought the wedding thing here because from that day, Long jealousies us all by rocking horrendous three piece diamond wedding ring that will cost somewhere around $150 thousand.

Howie Long flaunting his Diamond wedding ring

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So, these facts possibly show that the Fox Sports analyst Howie Long is living the best-life as any hard worker should live, for more on your liked celebs, keep up with Glamourpath.

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