How to Use a Smithing Table in Minecraft

Minecraft NoteBlock tutorial – Among Drip
Minecraft NoteBlock tutorial – Among Drip

How to Use a Smithing Table

In Minecraft you can use smithing table for the below mentioned purposes:

1: Gear Upgradation

You can use a smithing table to upgrade your gears. If you right click on the smithing table you will get a window Upgrade Gear:

To upgrade your axe in first box and a netherite ingot in the second one where its shape is drawn already. You will get a netherite axe which means your simple axe is now converted into netherite axe:

2: As as Job Block

You can use a smithing table as a job block. If you place a smithing table around jobless villagers, they will come near to it and adopt the toolsmith job by this smithing table:

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3: Use as Fuel

A smithing table is made up of wood planks so you can use it as a fuel as well in the furnace:

For example, if you are making iron ingots using a furnace just right click on the furnace place iron ore in the upper box and place a smithing table in the lower box for fuel and you will get iron ingots.

4: Sound Production

When you place noteblock on the top of smithing table and hit the note a block you can hear a musical sound:

Here is the summary of uses of smithing table:

Gear UpgradationUpgrades the diamond gear to netherite gear
Job BlockProvides the job of toolsmith to unemployed villager
Use as FuelCan be used as fuel because of wood
To Produce SoundBy placing note block on it you can produce musical sound


In the Minecraft world you can use a smithing table for different purposes like you can upgrade your gears by using a smithing table, it also serves the purpose of the job block for the unemployed villagers. You can also use it as a fuel in a furnace to make different items.

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