How to Shrink Shirt Collars ( In 5 Simple Steps)

How to Shrink Shirt Collars ( In 5 Simple Steps)

How To Fix Stretched Neckline/Collar
How To Fix Stretched Neckline/Collar

Worn by sophisticated business women and penny-loafer loving preppies, a collared shirt is the workhorse of the modern wardrobe.

If you wear your button down or polo shirts frequently, the shirt collar can stretch beyond its original ready-to-wear shape.

Here’s how to fix any stretched out collar conundrum – and tighten the loosened fibers in 5 goof-proof steps.

Things You’ll Need to Shrink Your Shirt Collars, Fast

  • Basin
  • Wooden hanger
  • Large towel
  • Blow-dryer
  • Iron
  • Spray Starch
  1. Start with cotton blend or 100 percent cotton shirts. In comparison to their cotton cousins, shirt collars made from polyester, acrylic, and rayon can be difficult to shrink.
  2. Fill a small basin with hot water. Use metal tongs to submerge the collar only into the water without burning your fingertips. Let the rest of your shirt drape over the edge of the sink or basin. Let the collar soak for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Drain the sink. Roll the shirt collar and shirt in a large towel to remove the water. Place your shirt on a wooden hanger to dry.
  4. Blast hot air from your blow dryer directly on the shirt collar. To aid in shrinking, place the hot blow dryer within 1- to 2-inches of the shirt collar’s fabric. Dry the collar completely with the blow dryer.
  5. Start smoothing and stretching. Smooth the collar with a hot iron and a short spritz of spray starch to stiffen and straighten your collar. Repeat the steps to get your collar size the right shape and size.
  How to fix a worn out Shirt Collar

Best Ways to Shrink a Collar: Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Inspect the collar for any stains before dipping it in the hot water and ironing it. Why? Ironing and submerging the garment in hot water can set stains.
  2. Read the manufacturer’s recommended heat settings for washing and ironing to prevent damaging your shirt collar.

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