How to make a netherite ingot in Minecraft 1.18

Minecraft: How to Make Netherite Ingot
Minecraft: How to Make Netherite Ingot

Netherite ingot is one of the strongest materials in Minecraft. This item can be used by players to craft the strongest armor in the game. Nearly every player aims to find this material and make the strongest gear.

Many new players usually spend their time mining diamonds and making strong gear from them. However, when they stumble upon a rare block in the Nether with which they can extract the strongest material, they can be confused about the process itself.

However, extracting and crafting this item is fairly easy once players get used to it.

Steps to make netherite ingot in Minecraft 1.18

1) Find Ancient Debris block

Ancient Debris (Image via Minecraft)

Unfortunately, netherite does not generate in any type of block. It has to be extracted by a rare block called Ancient Debris. This rare block generates deep within the Nether realm, especially at Y level 15. One of the best way to find the blocks is to explode beds in a particular direction and create huge spaces.

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2) Smelting Ancient Debris in a furnace

Ancient debris smelted to give scraps (Image via Minecraft)

As mentioned before, the strong material needs to be extracted from Ancient Debris blocks. Hence, after mining it with a pickaxe, these blocks need to be smelted in a furnace to extract an item called ‘netherite scraps’. These scraps are still incomplete and need to go under one more transformation.

3) Crafting scraps with gold ingots

Scraps combined with gold ingots to give netherite (Image via Minecraft)

Players can take these scraps and combine them with gold ingots on a crafting table to make netherite ingots. To make one of these ingots, players will need four scraps and four gold ingots. Four Ancient Debris will yield one ingot.

Players must always have gold ingots at hand if they are planning to get the material.

How to use the ingot?

Smithing table to convert diamond gear (Image via Minecraft)

Once players obtain the netherite ingot in the game, they might get confused about how to use it correctly. Placing several of these ingots on a crafting table won’t make any armor or tools. They can only apply it to their existing diamond gear.

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To do this, players must have a smithing table where diamond tools, weapons and armor can be combined with these ingots. Fortunately, players will only need one of these ingots to convert their diamond gear.

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