How to Gleek: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Gleek: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Gargle
How to Gargle

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Gleeking is the act of shooting saliva out from under your tongue. Many people have gleeked on accident when yawning or flicking their tongue. You can teach yourself how to gleek on purpose by gathering enough saliva, flicking your tongue along the roof of your mouth, and jutting your jaw out. Although gleeking can be quite difficult, you can likely teach yourself how to gleek with enough practice!


Shooting Spit

  1. 1Yawn a couple of times to stimulate saliva. Yawning can be an easy way to generate saliva. Even if you aren’t feeling sleepy, try yawning a few times. You’d be surprised how strongly your body responds to the simple act by producing a bunch of spit.[1] X Research source
    • Always cover your mouth when yawning in public. You can still be polite when you’re trying to gleek.
  2. 2Eat a sour candy to trigger your salivary gland. Most sour candies will stimulate your salivary glands and generate enough saliva to gleek. Get a pack of sour candies and throw some in your mouth. After sucking on them for a few seconds, you should have plenty of saliva.[2] X Research source
    • Too much sugar is bad for your teeth. Make sure that you clean your mouth out if you’re eating a lot of it.


  3. 3Drink some water to moisturize your mouth. Water is an excellent way to stimulate your salivary glands. It also has the added benefit of being good for you! If you’re having trouble salivating, drink a little bit of water. You’d be surprised by how moist your mouth will feel.[3] X Trustworthy Source Harvard Medical School Harvard Medical School’s Educational Site for the Public Go to source
  4. 4Pucker your lips together and take a deep breath. Form a small circle by pursing your lips together. It’s incredibly hard to breathe and gleek at the same time, so you’ll want to catch your breath before attempting to gleek. Take a deep breathe and relax your shoulders.[4] X Research source
    • A deep breath will give the salivary gland time to generate enough spit around the bottom of your tongue.
  5. 5Flex your tongue and extend it against the roof of your mouth. To flex your tongue, tighten the muscles by pushing it upwards and outwards towards the roof of your mouth. Press your tongue in the area between your upper teeth and the skin on the roof of your mouth. When you’re ready to gleek, make this motion in one action and as quickly as possible.[5] X Research source
    • Your tongue should stiffen as you flex it, and you’ll know that you’re doing it right if it feels rigid and stiff in your mouth.
  6. 6Open your mouth and push your bottom jaw out. Open your mouth as wide as you comfortably can and extend your lower jaw away from you and towards your target. Flex the muscles in your tongue as hard as you can while doing this. With enough practice, you will naturally shoot out a stream of saliva from the gland beneath your tongue.[6] X Research source
    • It may be tempting to try and purse your lips together, since that’s what most people do when they normally spit. This will block the gland at the bottom of your tongue though, so try to avoid doing it while you gleek.
    • Keep your tongue locked to the roof of your mouth while you’re doing this.
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Honing Your Skills

  1. 1Keep practicing until you get the hang of it. Gleeking is very difficult, and it’s likely that you won’t be successful the first time that you try to do it. Remain persistent and try it again. Make sure that you have enough saliva built up each time that you try to do it.[7] X Research source
    • It may take a couple of practice sessions before you start to see results.
    • If you’re doing it correctly, the spit should be shooting out from underneath your tongue, not the back of your throat.
    • The shower is the perfect place to practice gleeking. You’re already cleaning yourself, so it’s not the end of the world if you happen to spit a little. Practice the motion over and over again. You can also wash your mouth out if it dries out!
  2. 2Chew on the tip of your tongue to generate saliva if your mouth stays dry. If you chew on the tip of your tongue after eating something, you may get a tingly sensation in the bottom of your jaw. This is the saliva that you need to gleek properly. Lightly chewing on the tip of your tongue is an excellent way to build up a lot of saliva fast and can be a simple solution if you you’re your throat drying out a lot.[8] X Research source
  3. 3Try exhaling while you gleek if you aren’t getting any distance. If you’re not seeing results in terms of the distance of your gleeks, you may be inhaling while you’re doing it. Try exhaling right as you push your tongue forward and see if that helps.
  4. 4Work on making the tongue flicking one motion. Although there are several steps involved, the odds of successfully gleeking improve if you can perform each step quickly and in one fluid motion. Practice working on it daily to get the steps down and improve your chances.
  5. 5Try gleeking in front of a mirror to see how you’re doing it. It may be easier to improve if you study what you look like in the mirror when you try to gleek. Compare your attempts at gleeking to what it looks like when other people do it. Just be sure to clean off your mirror if you happen to spit on it![9] X Research source
    • Never gleek on other people. Gleeking is a neat trick to show your friends, but it isn’t something you want to do to another person.[10] X Research source
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Community Q&A

  • QuestionCan I get sick by gleeking?wikiHow Staff EditorStaff AnswerNo. Gleeking is a normal bodily function that uses your natural saliva. If your saliva were dangerous, you’d get be getting sick way more often!
  • QuestionWhat do I do if I accidentally gleek when I’m not trying to?wikiHow Staff EditorStaff AnswerEveryone makes mistakes. Just apologize! People are typically understanding when you make an honest mistake.
  • QuestionHas gleeking caused any problems in the world?wikiHow Staff EditorStaff AnswerNot any major problems. It could certainly cause problems between you and your friends if you do it too often though!




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Gleeking is when you shoot saliva out from underneath your tongue. People usually gleek on accident, but you can actually make yourself gleek on command. First you need to generate some saliva in your mouth. Try eating a sour candy, drinking some water, or yawning a few times. Once you have saliva in your mouth, take a deep breath. Then, quickly flex your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and open your mouth and push your bottom jaw out to gleek. Don’t worry if you don’t get it on the first try—gleeking on command takes practice. Try practicing in front of a mirror so you can see what you’re doing. For tips on how to get better at gleeking, scroll down!

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