How to get Mora in Genshin Impact: Best way to farm more Mora fast

Guide To Getting More Mora – Genshin Impact
Guide To Getting More Mora – Genshin Impact

How to get Mora in Genshin Impact: Best way to farm more Mora fast

When adventuring across Genshin Impact‘s open world, players will want to have plenty of Mora at their disposal as the currency is crucial for leveling up characters and taking on tougher challenges. There are several ways to get the currency but in this guide, we’ve narrowed down the best methods for farming Mora quickly to ensure you’re stocked up in Genshin Impact.

While journeying through the vibrant world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact, you’ll naturally come across an array of different items and resources. One of the most vital resources to keep track of in Genshin Impact is Mora. This resource essentially acts as the game‘s main monetary currency, and it can be used for upgrading Artifacts, leveling up characters, and enhancing weapons.

Mora is also used to purchase consumable items within the game – which you’ll need plenty of as these can restore your health and stats. All of these purposes make Mora an essential resource for players so below we’ve outlined the most efficient ways to farm Mora in Genshin Impact.

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  • How to get Mora in Genshin Impact
  • Treasure chests
  • Farm mora with Expeditions in Genshin
  • Exchanging Anemo Sigils
  • How to get Mora without resin
  • Complete challenges in the Spiral Abyss
  • Adventure Book chapters
  • The Northland Bank treasure chest
  • What can you buy with Mora?

How to get Mora in Genshin Impact

We’ve broken down the best ways to get Mora to become one of the wealthiest adventurers in all of Teyvat, with a detailed breakdown of each method below:

  • Treasure Chests
  • Expeditions
  • Exchange Anemo Sigils
  • Kill high-level mobs
  • Complete challenges in the Spiral Abyss
  • Adventure Book chapters
  • Open the Northland Bank chest

If you wish to maximize your party’s combat effectiveness and unleash their true potential, then you’ll need to spend a fair amount of Mora. These upgrades can get particularly costly in the late game, especially if you’re trying to manage multiple upgrades.

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1. Always be on the lookout for treasure chests

One of the best ways to get Mora in Genshin is to simply open treasure chests. There are currently four types of chests in Genshin Impact: Common, Exquisite, Precious, and Luxurious.

Each of these loot-filled boxes houses an assortment of goodies and can net you many a pretty penny. In fact, Genshin’s open-world is absolutely brimming with treasure chests, so be sure to open them all as you explore each area.

2. Farm Mora with Expeditions in Genshin Impact

This one is arguably the easiest in terms of effort, but it will take time if you wish to get lots of Mora. If you head over to the Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt, you’ll be able to send characters out on Expeditions across Teyvat. Here, your characters can farm various resources in real-time.

To get started, simply pick any non-party character that you don’t currently wish to use, then pick from either the 4h, 8h, 12h, 20h time slot. We suggest picking the 20h option as this will net you a total of 5000 Mora.

The only caveat with this method is it can take a lot of time, but it is Mora you can literally earn while you sleep. It’s not a bad investment when gaining gold for doing nothing.

3. Exchange Anemo Sigils at the Souvenir shop

While you’re stopping off in Mondstadt, be sure to spend your Anemo Sigils at the Souvenir Shop. This gives you a great chance to stock up and is an absolute bargain for those wanting to line their purse strings with a lot of Mora.

Anemo SigilsMora
1 Anemo Sigils1600 Mora, 60 in stock.
2 Anemo Sigils1600 Mora, infinite stock.

To make matters even better, you’ll naturally gain a lot of these Anemo Sigils as you upgrade the Statue of the Seven and open chests in Mondstadt. This method rewards keen treasure hunters and can make you incredibly wealthy in the process.

4. How to get Mora without Resin in Genshin Impact

Hunting the various enemies of Teyvat may not be the most lucrative way to earn Mora, but when you combine it with the other methods outlined above, it soon adds up to a nice sizable sum. It also means that you don’t need any Resin, either, saving you from further time spent farming.

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Besides, if you have a team of highly ranked characters, you’ll be able to wipe out the Hilichurl hordes in no time. This method also gives you an excuse to test out your team’s elemental combos.

YouTuber F2P Diluc also indicated different areas within the game that can be farmed daily to increase your Mora by killing high-level mobs:

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  • Southwest of Stormterror’s Lair
  • Mt. Aozang
  • Just North of Qingyun Peak
  • West of the river in Nantianmen
  • South of Tianqui Valley’s river
  • Entombed City Outskirts
  • On the islands in the middle of Sal Terrae

5. Complete challenges in the Spiral Abyss

This method is only available to those who have reached Adventure Rank 20, but it’s one of the most fun ways to earn Mora. After all, who doesn’t want to beat up waves of bad guys and get rewarded in the process?

To progress through the Spiral Abyss, you need to beat a total of three levels on each floor. There are eight floors total and each level grants you a bounty of Mora. Try to always beat the third level of each floor to net yourself a whopping 25000 Mora.

6. Complete Adventure Book chapters

This method of farming Mora in Genshin one can be fairly easy to miss considering it’s tucked away in the in-game menus, but remember to always claim your chapter rewards as and when you complete them. The Adventure Book can be accessed from the Start menu.

Simply head on over to this section to find out what challenges you need to complete in order to progress onto the next chapter. Not only will you be rewarded with Adventure Rank experience and various items, but you’ll also get a decent amount of Mora as well.

7. Open the Northland Bank treasure chest

If the idea of snagging yourself a jaw-dropping 200,000 Mora has you salivating at all the potential upgrades, then you’ll want to head straight to Liyue Harbor (most Southern point of the map) and enter the Northland Bank.

The Northland Bank is located directly above the Liyue Souvenir Shop. Once you’ve entered the bank, simply head up the stairs and open the chest to claim your bountiful prize.

What can you buy with Mora in Genshin Impact?

Now that you know the best ways to get more Mora in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to know what you can buy with Mora in the world.

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The main uses of the currency will see you utilize it to Ascend your gear and characters, as well as level and upgrade them.

You can also use Mora within crafting. Everything you can currently craft with Mora is listed below:

Category & ItemsItems
Enhancement OreEnhancement / Fine / Mystic
Gemstones / Fragments / Gemstone ChunksAgnidus Agate / Varunada Lazurite / Vajrada Amethyst / Vayuda Turquoise / Shivada Jade / Prithiva Topaz
Guides / PhilosophiesFreedom / Resistance / Ballad / Prosperity / Dilligence / Gold
PotionsHeatshield / Desiccant / Frostshield / Windbarrier / Insulation / Dustproof
Essential OilFlaming / Streaming / Frosting / Gushing / Shocking / Unmoving
SlimeSecretions / Concentrate
MasksStained / Ominous / Sealed
ScrollsSealed / Forbidden Curse
ArrowheadsSharp / Weathered
HornsBlack Bronze / Black Crystal
Ley LineSprouts / Leaves
ChaosCore / Circuit
MistGrass / Grass Wick
Sacrificial KnifeAgent’s / Inspector’s
InsigniasSergeant’s / Lieutenant’s / Silver Raven / Golden Raven
NectarShimmering / Energy
Bone ShardSturdy / Fossilized
DecarabianFragment of Decarabian’s Epic / Debris of Decarabian’s City / Scattered Piece of Decarabian’s Dream
Boreal WolfBroken Fang / Nostalgia
Dandelion GladiatorChains / Shackles / Dream
Guyun RelicLustrous Stone / Relic / Divine Body
Mist VeiledMercury Elixir / Gold Elixir / Primo Elixir
AerosideritePiece / Bit / Chunk
WeaponsPrototype Ranchour / Iron Sting / Prototype Archaic / Whiteblind / Snow-Tombed Starsilver / Prototype Starglitter / Crescent Pike / Dragonspine Spear / Prototype Amber / Mappa Mare / Frostbearer / Prototype Crescent / Compound Bow
Resonance StoneAnemoculus / Geoculus
MiscellaneousXiao Lantern / Geo Treasure Compass / Wind Catcher /Portable Waypoint / Adepti Seeker’s Stove / Condensed Resin / NRE (Menu 30) / Anemo Treasure Compass / Warming Bottle

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Mora in Genshin Impact. Following all the above tips should net you a fair profit in no time.

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