How to Choose Standard Shower Head Height?

How to Choose Standard Shower Head Height?

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How to Choose Standard Shower Head Height?

Showerheads are considered an absolute bathroom necessity. Be it contemporary or traditional bathrooms, showerheads are an essential part of the showers. Changing the showerhead is usually a part of the bathroom remodeling projects. The right showerhead height matters the most in making a showerhead perfect. We will talk about the ideal showerhead height in this blog, break some myths, and make recommendations. So follow through to choose the perfect showerhead.

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Is 80 inches an ideal height?

It’s a no-brainer that people with different heights require different shower head heights, and it’s quite understandable.

Tall people like their showerheads to be relatively higher as compared to shorter ones. Similarly, the showerhead style also plays an important role in determining the ideal shower height.

It is commonly perceived that 80 inches is the ideal height for a shower head; however, there are no special codes of requirements for the height of the showerhead. Eighty inches for 6 feet 8 inches is

considered a standard shower head height because it caters to people with average heights. But there are no hard and fast rules. You can go higher or lower than 80 inches, depending on your requirements. Guest houses and hotels typically have showerheads Higher than 80 inches because they have to cater to the requirements of even the exceptionally tall guests. The interior designers, therefore, prefer handheld showers for public places.

Choosing the Ideal shower head height for your bathroom

There is no rule of thumb for choosing the ideal shower for your bathroom. The best approach, however, is to measure the height of the tallest person in your family. And a cushion of excess 3 to 4 inches to the height to stay on the safe side. Mark a point on the calculated height and install the shower head there. It would be the ideal height of shower head for your bathroom.

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This method is very random but enough to give you a head start on choosing the right showerhead. The showerhead style and shower space also have an impact on the right shower height. So make sure to consider other constraints as well while choosing the showerhead for your bathroom.

Types of showers and their corresponding ideal heights

There are different types of showerheads. Each type of shower head corresponds to different sets of requirements. Different heights are deemed ideal for different kinds of showerheads. Let’s explore some different showerhead styles and their ideal heights.

types of shwer heacads and teir ideal heigt

1. Wall-mounted showerhead

The wall-mounted shower head is one of the most common types of showerheads used in our homes. This type of showerhead is installed in the main shower wall; thus, named wall mounted. Eighty inches is considered the perfect height for a wall-mounted showerhead, and the average human height falls under 80 inches. If you want to be specific about it, go on with the average family height method. Measure the height of the adults in the household, calculate the average now, add three to four inches to the average height and install your shower head at the calculated height

Please do not consider the children’s height while taking the measurements because they are still growing up.

2. Rain shower heads

As the name implies, rain shower heads make you feel like you are standing in the middle of the rain. These showerhead models let the waterfall on your head in the form of tiny rain droplets. Rain showerheads are designed so that the water spreads before leaving the showerhead, and they are a perfect fit for low ceiling showers. The ideal height for rain shower heads is also somewhere between 85 inches to 90 inches depending on the height of residents.

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3. Handheld Showerheads

Handheld showerheads are the perfect solution to all the height issues. They set you free from all the shower head height constraints.

As the name depicts, these showerheads are handheld and come with a flexible hose with varying lengths. You can adjust the showerhead length according to any height. It is recommended to install the handheld showerheads at the height of 72 to 78 inches so that anyone can take the showerhead off from its stand and use it. If you don’t want to install a wall-mounted shower head because of the ever-changing heights of your kids, handheld showerheads are the best alternative for you, and it is super trendy as well!

Ideal Shower Size

Ideal Shower Size

Shower areas are usually small; however, they shouldn’t be too small to make you feel claustrophobic. If you have a large bathroom, you can dedicate considerable space to the shower area. This shower area can be covered up with a suitable shower door that fulfills multiple functions at a time. However, if you’ve got a small bathroom, you can only have a small area. Now the main concern is how to determine the ideal shower size for your small bathroom. The common approach is to stand with your arms outstretched and then turn in a circle, and it is the minimum space you would require to take a shower comfortably. The size may vary according to the experts the standard shower size can be from 32″ x 32″ to 60″ x 36″. The latter is preferable to have a perfect shower.

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Some tools to increase shower head height

As mentioned earlier, the ideal shower head height is different for different households. The experts suggest 80 to 85″ to be the ideal shower height. But since every house is different from the other, standard size may differ for each home. Some tools can help you alter your shower height.

  • Adjustable Shower Arm

The adjustable shower arm is an inexpensive and easy way to adjust the height of your showerhead according to your requirements. The flexible shower arm can conveniently be attached to the existing shower arm to serve as an extension. You can adjust the height of your shower head by setting the height of the adjustable shower arm.

  • Shower Slide Bar

The shower slide bar is a comparatively complex way of adjusting the height of the showerhead. It is used to change the height of the handheld showerhead. The slide bar is installed on the wall, and the showerhead moves along the track to change its height.

  • Swivel Ball Adapter

Swivel Ball Adapter is an all-rounder in showerhead adjustment. To fix the swivel ball adaptor between the shower arm pipe and showerhead and alter the height of the showerhead according to your choice.

Final note!

Evaluating the right height for your shower head is not really hard. You can easily estimate it on your own or take an expert’s advice. If you still think that your shower head is not at the perfect height, you can use the dedicated tools to adjust the shower head height according to your requirements.

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