How to catch Noibat in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area

How to catch Noibat in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area

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The Wild Area in Pokemon Sword and Shield is home to tons of Pokemon not seen elsewhere in the game, as well as more powerful versions of Pokemon you can catch in other places. One of these Pokemon is Noibat, the bat-like, Flying/Dragon-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon X and Y. In order to catch scared flying Pokemon like Noibat, however, you’ll have to take a few extra steps. Follow along with this guide to learn how to catch Noibat in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area Noibat catching steps

While Noibat can be caught later in the game in certain routes like the Galar Mine No. 2, Noibat are available early in a particular location in the Wild Area. Here are the steps you need to take to catch one.

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Complete the second gym

The flying Wild Area Noibat spawn at level 29, so you won’t be able to catch one until you’ve defeated Nessa, the leader of the Water-type gym in Hullbury. Doing so will give you the Water Badge, which allows you to catch Pokemon up to level 30.

Head to the Watchtower Ruins

The Noibat can be found flying high above the ground near the Watchtower Ruins, in the northwest corner of the lower part of the Wild Area. Head here to begin your search.

Get a Noibat to spawn

Noibat is a semi-rare spawn above the patches of open ground to the north and south of the Watchtower (see the image above). If you don’t see a Woobat instead of a Noibat in one of these locations, continually move back and forth between the two. This will re-roll which Pokemon are in each area, giving you another chance of Noibat appearing.

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Don’t let Noibat see you

When you see a Noibat, approach it with caution. If it sees you, it will panic and fly away. Rather than going right up to it, slowly walk towards the nearest patch of grass. If Noibat turns in your direction, stop moving and wait for it to turn away again.

Whistle from the grass

Once you reach the tall grass, your character will crouch down. Press in the left thumbstick to whistle. If you whistle out in the open, it will see you and run away, but since the Noibat can’t see you in the grass, it will become curious and fly toward you. Usually, it will fly directly into you and begin a battle, but you might have to run at it if it stops early.

Be careful of Whirlwind

Now that the battle has started, catching Noibat works mostly like catching any other Pokemon, but there are a few things you should be aware of: First, Noibat can either have the Frisk ability, which tells you what item your opponent has, or the Infiltrator ability, which passes through barrier, substitute, and similar blocking moves. If you want Infiltrator, keep encountering Noibats until you don’t see the Frisk ability pop up. Second, some wild Noibat know the move Whirlwind, which can push your Pokemon out of battle and end the encounter. To avoid this happening, you may want to put it to sleep with a move like Hypnosis.

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