How Many Grammy Awards Does Beyoncé Have?

Beyoncé Wins Best R\u0026B Performance | 2021 GRAMMY Awards Show Acceptance Speech
Beyoncé Wins Best R\u0026B Performance | 2021 GRAMMY Awards Show Acceptance Speech

How Many Grammy Awards Does Beyoncé Have?

The power Beyoncé has in the music industry is often earth-shattering, at least when you see the total album sales in her career. To date, she’s sold 118 million records around the world and has a net worth of $350 million. Despite overwhelming success, many think you can only gauge a music career legacy by how many Grammys one wins.

Have you kept tabs on how many Grammys Bey has won since her music career started? It’s easy to lose track.

While she has far more Grammy nominations than wins, the amount of Grammys she currently has is enough for two or three lifetimes.

A look back to Beyoncé’s first Grammy nominations and wins

You have to go all the way back to 2000 to see when Bey managed to win her first Grammy nom. Keep in mind her first nomination for Best R&B Performance for a Duo or Group was for Destiny’s Child. Their song Bills, Bills, Bills was up in this category, plus Best R&B Song.

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They didn’t win, but it only took one more year before Destiny’s Child was winning Grammys. They took home two Grammys in 2001 for the song Say My Name.

Like all Destiny’s Child’s songs, Beyoncé’s voice was instantly recognizable. It would only continue to rise to the forefront as the group racked up more Grammys before Bey’s inevitable solo career.

2004 as the breakthrough Grammy year

It’s been a while, though you may remember when Beyoncé took home a boatload of Grammys all in one evening. She’d just released her first solo project outside of Destiny’s Child, and the reaction was ecstatic.

She won five Grammys in total that night, which brought the prerequisite photo of her attempting to hold all the awards in her arms backstage.

The wins were for Best R&B Album (Dangerously in Love), plus two awards for the song Crazy in Love. Yes, this was just part of the huge haul.

No doubt you remember this was also the night when Bey and Prince did their famous duet together during the show’s opening. References to this duet are still ongoing, including the endless parodies.

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By this point, Beyoncé was already one of the youngest Grammy Award winners in history.

It took two more years to win more Grammys

Bey did have another album the next year. Regardless, because she’d won so many the year before, voters might have ridiculously thought she’d have to prove herself a little more. Grammy nominations for her were still aplenty right on up to 2006. In the latter year Grammys, she only one won for a duet with Steve Wonder on the song So Amazing.

At the 2007 Grammys, she won Best R&B Album for B’Day. Outside of being nominated each year, we wouldn’t see a Beyoncé Grammy win explosion again until I Am…Sasha Fierce released in 2010.

One thing about her visit to the 2007 Grammys: She looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet. During this era, she was just a year away from marrying Jay-Z.

The ‘Fierce‘ night of 2010

I Am…Sasha Fierce not only won Best Album of the Year at the 2010 Grammys, it broke Bey’s previous award record for a total of six in one night.

Of course, you remember many of the classic singles from this album winning Grammys. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) won Song of the Year and may go down as one of the most memorable songs from the 21st century’s second decade.

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You’d think Beyoncé would never be able to top herself again with this record year. Thankfully, she decided to keep pushing new boundaries in music. Over the last nine years, she’s never not been nominated for a Grammy other than 2016. She’s racked up seven more Grammy wins since 2010.

Total Grammy wins and nominations


According to, Beyoncé has won 23 Grammys in total, not including 66 nominations. It’s an achievement not many other artists will likely match in a lifetime, other than maybe one or two of her contemporaries.

Her most recent Grammy win was for Best Urban Contemporary Album (Everything is Love), which proves how Bey continues to leap beyond and into other musical categories.

Where she goes next musically is anybody’s guess. We continue to marvel at the way she and Jay-Z are reinventing how music is released and sold in the online marketplace for more exclusivity.

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