Green Thumb Recipes

Green Thumb Recipes

Too lazy to stand around all day, and wait for those pesky leaves to disappear from the tree you cut down? Use some of your excess wood blocks to create the saplings you left behind! Shapeless.

Ever wanted to ride your pig companion off into the sunset?

Shortage of sticks for some reason? Use excess saplings to stock up! Shapeless.

Leather is, to me, a hassle to find. Cows spawn with the terrain, like all other livestock. Trouble finding cows on a new world? Use rotten flesh from the zombies you’ve slayed, instead! Be sure to dilute the rotten flesh smell, though.

Mycelium is a rarity in survival, as finding a mushroom island is nearly impossible without a mapper. Therefore, you can grow your own mushroom culture with mycelium based on these recipes. Crushed mushrooms are shapeless.

No shears? Trouble with iron? Not a problem. By use of a sapling, and seeds for some reason, you can craft leaves to make that awesome treehouse you’ve always wanted.

  How to make Chiseled Stone Bricks in Minecraft?

Remember that time you saw a skeleton in chain armor, and wanted it really bad?

Searching for a stronghold for cracked and mossy stone bricks? Searching for a jungle temple for chiseled stone bricks and mossy cobblestone? Look no further! Cracked bricks, mossy cobblestone, and mossy bricks are shapeless.

Getting tired of trying to get a skeleton to kill a creeper? Always wanted something to play in that useless jukebox of yours? Craft discs with this mod!

Too scared to make a nether portal? Don’t want to risk your life? Craft stuff from the nether in the comfort of your own home! Soul sand is shapeless.

Settling in a snowy biome can be very boring, and difficult. Shake it up by making yourself an igloo, entirely made of ice! Shapeless

Instead of trading valuable emeralds to villagers for them to make flint for you, smelt your own

Trying to mine endstone, but can’t get that dragon to leave you alone? Craft some. Shapeless.

  Chiseled Stone Bricks

Silk touch is possibly the most difficult enchantment to get your hands on. Grass is now yours. Seed recipe is shapeless.

Spiders are pure evil. Instead of dealing with those shady characters, craft some string and string byproducts from passive sheep. String recipe is shapeless.

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