Genshin Impact: How to quickly get more Mora

the easiest mora you’ll ever make (Genshin Impact)
the easiest mora you’ll ever make (Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact: How to quickly get more Mora

Mora is the main currency in Genshin Impact, as well as the main alchemy fuel, so you’ll be needing to farm for plenty more of it.

How to quickly farm more Mora in Genshin Impact

Mora is the primary currency of Genshin Impact and is something you’ll find yourself stumbling into a lot, using plenty, and forever needing even more. As such, finding a quick way to farm more of it is extremely useful, because you’ll need it in the literal millions sooner or later.

So what is the main way of quickly getting more Mora in Genshin Impact?

Much like experience consumable books, Ley Lines are the answer to this one.

To find a Mora Leyline, you’ll be looking for a golden circle icon on your map as shown above. To verify it is correct if you think you’ve found one, click on it, and it should display the name “Blossom of Wealth” as shown here. The rewards for standard use of 20 resin are also displayed, though these will vary based on your World Level.

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In-game meanwhile, Wealth Ley Line Blossoms look like this, a large golden dust orb, surrounded by a giant cloud of the same colour. Head over and interact with one to begin their challenge.

Of course it wouldn’t just be as easy as activating them, no, you’ll have to defeat something first. Many Ley Line blossoms will spawn a small group of enemies, while a few specific odd ones may spawn a larger single opponent such as a Ruin Guard – when you’ve done enough of them you’ll be able to remember what enemies spawn at which location, and thus start to avoid the more annoying ones.

In any case, you’ll need to clear it out regardless to start claiming your Mora rewards.

When done, you’ll notice a Ley Line Blossom plant growing nearby, interact with it for the above pop up interface. The best way to do this is using Condensed Resin, as you’ll get all 160 Resin for the day spent much quicker that way, given those consume 40 at a time rather than 20 – rewards are doubled accordingly, so it simply saves you time and effort using Condensed Resin on these Ley Lines.

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At a high world level, you can expect 60000 Mora per 20 resin, meaning that a single use of Condensed Resin will net you 120k Mora per Ley Line. Not a bad rate at all, is it? If you condense all of your 160 Resin per day on login, you’ll have enough to do four of these, earning a total of 480k Mora in around 5 to 10 minutes.

Be aware that lower world levels will have rewards scaled down accordingly, so you may find it slower to farm Mora in the early game this way – they’re still worth doing if you need the Mora in those worlds, but upgrade your world level when you can for maximum value.

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