Fortnite Cube Queen Skin And Challenges: Where To Find A Shadow Stone, Bounty Board, And More

Fortnite Cube Queen Skin And Challenges: Where To Find A Shadow Stone, Bounty Board, And More

Fortnite | Queen’s Anthem Lobby Music
Fortnite | Queen’s Anthem Lobby Music

Fortnite Cube Queen Skin And Challenges: Where To Find A Shadow Stone, Bounty Board, And More

Who is this mystery character?

The Fortnite Cube Queen skin hasn’t been a well-kept secret for a few weeks now, but we are finally able to unlock it ourselves. The Cube Queen skin has arrived, and with her comes a number of challenges that will get you her complete cosmetic set. That set includes two variant styles, lobby music, and a lot more. Here’s how to complete all Cube Queen challenges so you can claim the final pieces of the Season 8 battle pass.

Fortnite Cube Queen Challenges And Cosmetics

The Cube Queen is here to have her way with the island.

The Cube Queen’s quest log should be familiar to anyone who has chased a prior season’s secret skin, like Superman or Wolverine. To unlock the complete Cube Queen set, you’ll need to complete a number of challenges. Each one is related to a different part of her cosmetic set, and completing all eight challenges will eventually get you everything she has to offer. Here are the Cube Queen challenges, as well as what they each unlock.

Cube Queen Rewards – Page 1

  • Survive five storm circles while carrying a Sideways weapon: Unlocks The Cube Queen skin
  • Eliminate a player by using the Sideways Minigun: Unlocks the Last Cube Standing emoticon
  • Shakedown two opponents: Unlocks The Queen’s Court loading screen
  • Use a Shadow Stone or Flopper to phase for three seconds near a player: Unlocks the Cubic Vortex back bling

To survive five storm circles while carrying a Sideways weapon, first you’ll want to drop into a Sideways Zone or Sideways Anomaly. Look for these rare Sideways weapons in chests or dropped by the horde of Cube Monsters that will quickly descend on you once you arrive. Assuming you make it out alive, you’ll then just need to, well, keep surviving. After five total storm circles have closed–which is about one match if you make it to the final moments–you should complete this challenge. Don’t sweat it if it takes more than one match. Previous storm circles when you had a Sideways weapon will still count.

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If the Sideways weapon you decide to take is the Sideways Minigun, you can quickly complete the second challenge to eliminate a player with a Sideways Minigun. Remember that it’s powerful, but can be quite inaccurate, so plan accordingly.

To shake down two opponents, you’ll need to play in any team-based mode like duos, trios, or squads. Then, when you down a player, they’ll fall to an incapacitated state where you can pick them up, either to move them or shake them down to learn of their allies’ whereabouts. Do this to two players, either in a single match or across multiple matches, and you’ll have three Cube Queen challenges down.

You can find Shadow Stones nearby any alien crash sites, like those north of Misty Meadows, south of Believer Beach, or east of Coral Castle. Shadow Floppers, meanwhile, can be found in any fishing spot, but there’s no way to guarantee you’ll catch one, so a Shadow Stone is your best bet here. Drop near one of the crash sites and look for the purple Shadow Stones. Grab and use one to go invisible for a short period. You’ll need to do this near an enemy player so your best bet is to drop on any alien crash site that is close by the flight path of the Battle Bus. You’re more likely to find other players that way.

Completing all of these challenges will also unlock the Cube Queen’s alternate Obliterator style, which applies to both the character and the back bling. But that’s not everything. The Cube Queen has a whole second page of rewards to chase.

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The Cube Queen includes three total variants of her otherworldly cosmetic set.

Cube Queen Rewards – Page 2

  • Deal 150 damage to players by using the Sideways Scythe: Unlocks the Reality Render pickaxe (and Obliterator variant)
  • Complete a Bounty from a Bounty Board: Unlocks the Regal Visage spray
  • Get two headshots with the Sideways Rifle: Unlocks the Queen’s Anthem lobby track
  • Glide in the smoke stacks at Steamy Stacks: Unlocks the Queen’s Procession glider (and Obliterator variant)

To deal 150 damage to players by using the Sideways Scythe, you’ll again be best off heading to a Sideways region and finding a scythe there. 150 damage is more than a single player’s health bar, unless they have shields active. Get in close and slash away when you can and this challenge should be yours fairly easily.

To complete a bounty using a bounty board, head to any bounty board. We like the ones located at Risky Reels or Catty Corner. Once activated, you’ll be given a vague area to search for your opponent. You’ll also be told what character skin they’re wearing. Seek and destroy them before the timer runs out to complete the bounty. The nice thing to remember is that if someone else does your dirty work for you, the bounty still counts as completed. Sometimes it’s good to just drop into a well-populated landing spot, activate a bounty right away, then hope someone eliminates your target for you.

To get two headshots with the Sideways Rifle, head to–you guessed it–The Sideways. Once you have a Sideways Rifle, remember that each headshot counts individually, so any two good shots to the head will quickly complete this challenge. If you’re in a team mode, it’s wise to do this on a downed player, since at that point they can hardly ruin your shot.

The last challenge will require you to head to Steamy Stacks, so head there fresh off the Battle Bus or find another means there, like a car or the eastside zipline that runs from Retail Row straight into Steamy Stacks. To glide in the smoke stacks, just run into the massive glowing purple steamy stacks (get it?) and jump off the walkway. You’ll instantly be thrust into the air. Activate your glider and enjoy the last Cube Queen reward.

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For completing all of the Quests on Page 2, you’ll also unlock the Islandbane variant of the Cube Queen skin, Cubic Vortex back bling, Reality Render pickaxe, and Queen’s Procession glider. That will complete the Cube Queen’s complete set.

If you’ve already hit level 200 or more in the Season 8 battle pass, that means you’ve earned every last cosmetic Epic seems to have planned for this season’s battle pass. You can rejoice in that, or you can look for more Fortnite goodness, like Athena Royale, the fan-made 1:1 recreation of the Fortnite Chapter 1 map.

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