Find the number of four letter words which can be made using the letters of the word “HIPPOPOTAMUS”, if not all four letters are different.

Find the number of four letter words which can be made using the letters of the word “HIPPOPOTAMUS”, if not all four letters are different.

Origins of the word, Hippopotamus.
Origins of the word, Hippopotamus.

ok Sati Mai question here we have is we have to find the number of four letter words which can be made using the letters of what word hippopotamus and also condition given to me that if not all four letters are different basically not all four letter should be different if they are some of the letters are w am ok so it means that I am not worth the given words of Hippopotamus for sure to have to do we have to repeat how many times a word is repeated Subah Se liver cancer that this is repeated word only one time is why is not only one time ok this is what ok so basically for FB he thought about how many times physica B one two three times and I V O I repeat what is 3.2 times and then I want tea to basically it is repeated one time again as also one time I am is also one time you is also one time a nice is also one time Subah Se Ki how many total letters I have it is a word Hippopotamus I am visiting this 1234567 7 of these words unique word only having 1

underwater 7 plus 210 and this will be covered 7 + 3 + 2 = 12 this will become totally different words against total letters are basically total letters 12 I have skipped sunao how many cases any possible when I have to form a word when I have to form a word which is not having 4 words 1 2 3 4 and not all values are what different ok so in that case I have three different cases against the first of all look at this one case number one I have ok in that case only when three letters are same OK when three letters r w a man only one letter is difference vecancy that there were three are alike right and what is what my different word suppose this one here ok so this one if I give example suppose you have a w a p p p Hippopotamus hai what 3 words peacekeeping three times and other can be any other words from the this this left of the terms have how many ways 1234567 78 from this 8 words I can any other

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this fourth position that case how many pieces as possible so I can say for factorial have to pay a visit ki photo it 4528 how many times this was repeated three times this will be 3 factorial sunao for case one would say that I have really cannot defend I’m so basically this item has how many times basically three words are used this basically this is what 38723 account it means that only please having once one that is where all can someone what is the product of what are the case for the other wonderful gift homemade is a possible Origins how many numbers are possible so this is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 8 I have to be 6-8 alphabet CEO 8 only one position of two place only one position 8 C1 and what are the possible for these conditions the four factorial divided by 3 factorial solutions coming out ok so this will become 8 – of four ok sorry Note 8 – 44 opposite of 4 solution board 8th result of 4 is equal to what 32 we are going to sunao you kaise

new server get the value for this 8 years of a window that and if there is an expansion in terms of its even all vacancy in that if my pleasure items would NCR write the formula for combination NCR in that case shall become what this will become n factorial divided by what are effectively and minus are factory expansion Ides that’s why write its even as what it she was basically what 8 factorial divided by what is divided by 1 factorial this 8 MI Note 7 factorial and if I cancel out this it was decided to give it is a very hot 8 December that’s why I put the value of 8 is there we have to sit on this from the which one and CR f = n factorial divided by 1 minus 8 factorial right to receive now what are you doing I have a strong case to I have ok showcase to physically when I have to like terms have to do Elite 4 number aur enough for alphabet word to like terms write two examples from the Hippopotamus ok we can see that ok so PS3 and we want to so I can say that my photons w p

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pride and its usual dose I can have a in this Hippopotamus word so in that case my all food is this worst or we can save to form a forward ok 4 letter words about fulfill it so we can say that this condition is what 4 factorial for the 2010 world I have length and S word tutorial and director for to factorial by because this would be repeated and this was debated to X ok so there is a possibility of these terms now sunao this to elect impossible what this will become one I can say that this is one is the product of what one because I believe what I speak case and I only ok so this is one night and this is what I have the product of this one is what for factorial divided into how to reduce the possible ways to arrange a word when there are two two electrons are there for a four letter word ok so this will become the solution is sold for 2 Episode 4 into 3 into 2 factorial divided by 2 into 2 into 1 and 2 like this will come 222 and 22 Sushil commodity

26 26 11 having now have the third case against the last case OK so the third case for the forming of four letter word I have supposed to same terms right I have to symptoms and one different and again one different terms rights we can also give example suppose are my phone what is not be repeated and what and what I have to get if I am having about something like this BPUT so this is what if I have to run this will be comfortable photons are there is this is a total / what only to factorial ok / only to that will cause they are doing it because there are only two repeated Tom Sawyer vs PP ok sunao this arrangement will become the regiment was a look like ok so for the first to like to LLB what to apply will be two times of what c111 different this would hate of c2y Itarsi to because at a loss and acquisition of third and fourth position replacing what we apply

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only 11 terms so we have only two unit digit from the Hippopotamus so so this should be a to z tournament of this space for factorial by to factorial to the solution will come out this will come out at night to factorial divided by 15 2015 tutorial ok is the rate of what 8 factorial Note 8 weight oriel ok right now it’s hard to read up on to factorial in 26 – 8 factorial divided by 25 26 total because he does find out earlier what is the expansion for NCERT know that in the top and therefore basically my and c h s n factor receptor and effector Dulhe we know that this time this addition to this will be a title / 28 – 26 October so that’s why I read on here that this will be executed and divide by 2 factorial and 6 tutorial right it’s ok in the project of what this will become 4 into 3 into 2 factorial divided by 25 tauriel sukhe this solution is coming out as if I solve this sum solution is able to receive is basically 672 ok so I have basic

three different cases when I have to make a four letter word when all different letters should not be unique only we have to consider the case when they are what interview question there was not all four letters are different ok so that ke sath hi Mausam Kaise to retrieve values case case 26 and cases how many 67245 to find total numbers possible so total numbers addition of all this case these cases ok so this will become 672 + 32 + of 6 write the solutions are going to receive is not 710 so basically this is looking 410 is answer you’re looking for

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