Final Fantasy 14: How To Get A Chocobo Companion

Final Fantasy 14: How To Get A Chocobo Companion

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There was never any doubt that Final Fantasy 14 would let you get a Chocobo of your very own. These majestic birds are one of the most iconic, recognizable hallmarks of the Final Fantasy franchise and they play a large role in Eorzea. They are used for transportation, as livestock, and even in combat.

While the Chocobo is only one of many mounts that you can acquire in the game, it’s likely going to be one that you have the most affection for. This is especially true as he helps you through thick and thin, fighting by your side.

How To Get Your Very Own Chocobo

In order to get your own Chocobo, you must have progressed the main scenario questline enough.

Once you complete the level 20 quest A Hero in the Making at the Waking Sands (X:6, Y:6) you will be prompted to choose one of three different Grand Companies to join. There are quests for each of them that result in you joining that Grand Company, and you must complete one of these before you can get a Chocobo.

For the Immortal Flames, this quest is For Coin and Country, for the Maelstrom it is Till Sea Swallows All, and for Twin Adder it is Wood’s Will Be Done. Once you have completed any one of these, you can take the quest My Little Chocobo — but the location will vary depending on which Grand Company you joined.

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Grand Company



Immortal Flames


Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (x:8, y:8)


R’ashaht Rhiki

Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x:13.1, y:12.8)

Twin Adder

Vorsaile Heuloix

New Gridania (x:9, y:11)

This quest is really easy to complete. You must purchase a Chocobo Issuance from the local Quartermaster and must take it to a certain NPC to get your Chocobo issued.

The Issuance costs 200 Grand Company seals. You can acquire these seals in many different ways, the easiest being certain Duty Roulettes, Grand Company Leves, FATEs, and provision missions at each Grand Company headquarters.

Once you have your Chocobo Issuance and hand it over to the correct NPC, you will be prompted to name your Chocobo. Upon completion of this quest, however, you will get a Chocobo Whistle which you can use to add your Chocobo to your mount collection. You will also get the My Little Chocobo achievement.

NOTE: You will be able to rename your Chocobo and change its coloration upon completion of the quest that lets your Chocobo take part in battles.

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How To Get Your Chocobo To Fight

Once you hit level 30, you will have the chance to turn your Chocobo into a fighting companion. To do this, head to the South Shroud (X:17, Y:28) in order to find Docette and the quest My Feisty Little Chocobo. The first stages of the quest require you to go and fetch some gysahl greens for Luquelot, who will then explain the ins and outs of fighting alongside your Chocobo to you.

To summon your Chocobo to your side, you need only use a gysahl green. These only work for a limited time, however, so keep an eye on the timer next to your Chocobo’s name — that’s how long is left until it disappears. You can use another gysahl green to extend the timer before it expires.

The last part of this quest is simply to beat up some brood ziz with your Chocobo summoned. Once completed, you have permanently unlocked this feature and should constantly have your Chocobo out when fighting in the overworld in order to level him up.

Gysahl greens cost only 36 Gil and can be bought all over the world. Below is a table of the most convenient places to find them.




New Gridania (X:12, Y:11)

Bango Zango

Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:10, Y:11)


Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:11, Y:10)


Foundation (X:8, Y:10)


Idyllshire (X:6, Y:7)

Independent Merchant

Rhalgr’s Reach (X:13, Y:11)


Kugane (X:13, Y:12)


The Crystarium (X:9, Y:12)


The Crystarium (X:10, Y:9)

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How To Get Your Chocobo To Fly

It is possible to teach your Chocobo to fly in areas where flight is unlocked. Until then, your Chocobo mount will be exclusively a terrestrial one. Once you have completed the quest Where the Chocobos Roam that begins in Coerthas Western Highlands (X:8, Y:14) as part of Heavensward’s main scenario, you can access the Dravanian Forelands and its quests.

The quest that unlocks flying is called I Believe I Can Fly and begins in Foundation (X:7, Y:11) after speaking to Arnoulain. This quest involves teaching your Chocobo to fly by fighting some Dravanian bee clouds with it in the Dravanian Forelands. You must then go with your Chocobo to bathe in some winds — one just north of Tailfeather and one in the Coerthas Western Highlands.

Upon completion, you will be able to use your Chocobo to fly. You will also receive a set of Flyer Shaffron Chocobo headgear and the achievement Walking on Sunshine.

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