Early Reviews of Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland

Early Reviews of Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland

All Leviathan Class Organisms known yet on 4546B – (All leviathan size comparison)
All Leviathan Class Organisms known yet on 4546B – (All leviathan size comparison)

The highly anticipated B&M giga coaster is here. Leviathan has been unleashed at Canada’s Wonderland and some early reviews are starting to trickle in. Once again, Crave Coasters was there with great coverage of that monster. During a benefit, a few lucky riders were the first to face it’s sky-scrapping 300-plus foot peak.

Leviathan’s Lair – New Tunnel Added

The preview videos and construction photos I’ve come across never showed a tunnel, but now that the ride’s open there’s a 100 foot steel covering at the bottom of the first drop. It’s being described as looking similar to Millennium Force’s tunnels. I’m big on tunnels so I’m all for it.

This post on Theme Park Review includes an image of Leviathan’s tunnel at the bottom of the first drop. Right now it’s just a steel covering, but some are wondering if Canada’s Wonderland still has more to do with it. To truly be Leviathan’s lair, and follow the theme of the rest of the ride fans are hoping for some type of cave-like theming.

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Leviathan Reviews: Speed in Spades

As the reviews come in, I’ve been interested to see what people think. Here’s a sample:

Leviathan is all about speed. Sit on the outside at the front for the best experience. You feel like the ground is going to open up and swallow you during that first drop! – KDunatov on The Coaster Critic

“That first drop is just amazing and the speed just never lets up. Such a great ride! The tunnel is definitely a great head chopper and really gives a sense of how fast you’re going. If you blink, you’ll miss it!” – rollin_n_coastin on CWMania

What a great ride! Fast, smooth and VERY fun. I could ride that all day. Rode 4th and 2nd car, didn’t get to experience the back. It’s like you don’t even notice the tunnel, you’re going to quick. If you happen to blink at that time, you would have gone through it and missed it anyway. – boomer78 on CWMania

The high speed curve is surprisingly fun, and yes you do pull a little airtime on it! Each element is executed with speed and elegance, Leviathan is a coaster that should be on an enthusiast’s bucket list! – PureCoaster

Here’s another great on-ride POV video from Theme Park Review. Again, don’t try this yourself kids:

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Read Crave the Coasterer’s full coverage of Leviathan’s opening: First Ride: Leviathan Unleashes Its Fury

Leviathan just opened to the public, so I’m sure we’ll get to hear from more and more people what they think of it.

How do you think Leviathan looks now that it’s open? Have you ridden it? Leave a comment or review below. Images Courtesy of CraveCoasters.com.[poll id=”65″]

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