Does Sons of the Forest Have Multiplayer?

8 Player Co-Op is Absurd 👑 OUR ISLAND NOW 👑 Sons of the Forest
8 Player Co-Op is Absurd 👑 OUR ISLAND NOW 👑 Sons of the Forest

Game developers Endnight Games are planning to launch Sons of the Forest, the sequel to The Forest, later this year. The game was first announced several years ago and development has been slow going due to production issues and the pandemic. Even as of five days ago, the game was pushed from a May 2022 release to a few months later, in October. Despite delays, fans are still eager to play the upcoming survival horror game.

2018’s The Forest mainly focused on single-player gameplay with developers adding a co-op mode option during development but saying they wanted to stay away from the massive multiplayer styles of games such as DayZ and Rust. The original game’s multiplayer allows players to join a cooperative campaign of up to eight players. So with this in mind, will the sequel, Sons of the Forest also offer multiplayer?

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Will you be able to play Sons of the Forest with friends?

While Endnight Games has shared very little information on Sons of the Forest so far, it’s pretty likely that the game will include a similar co-op mode to the original title. The Forrest does not include a deathmatch mode but players are able to injure and kill each other. In P2P, it is possible for up to eight gamers to join cooperative play on PC and four players on PlayStation consoles.

The upcoming sequel to the hit indie title The Forest will similarly focus on survival elements and combat. There have been a total of three trailers so far, each highlighting the game’s chilling environment. The most recent trailer featured Sons of the Forest‘s gameplay, starting out with players being stranded after escaping a helicopter crash. From there, the video shows gamers will need to learn various survival skills such as chopping down trees, hunting, and taking down enemies.

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Sons of the Forest will release on October 31st exclusively on PC, for now.

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