Dive into anything

Dive into anything

RARE Jim Morrison Video Found! The FIRST EVER video recording of Jim!
RARE Jim Morrison Video Found! The FIRST EVER video recording of Jim!


I am (one of) Jim Morrison’s grandsons

Anytime I tell people this they automatically don’t believe me so here’s the longer version; My grandma was a go-go dancer at the whiskey a go-go in 69 or 70 and Jim Morrison played their and let’s say they got friendly in a bathroom stall. My grandma gave my mom up for adoption my mom reconnected with her birth mom in 2010 I think and my mom kept asking about her birth father untill after 3 years her mom told her it was Jim Morrison. That picture is one I took a few years ago to see how visually similar we look and it’s pretty damn close. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

“Illegitimate (grand)son of a rock n roll starrrr”

Seriously though, there wasn’t very much protection being used back then so it’s pretty fair to say that the odds are just as high that you are as they are that you are not IMO.

  Jim Morrison

You should definitely get the DNA test. It always sucks when these super talented cultural icons die and leave no children behind. I know that sounds weird, right?

I’m not discrediting you, the resemblance is striking but The Doors weren’t at the Whiskey by 1969, they were fired after Jim did the Oedipus monologue during a show in 66-67.

That is my understanding too, The Doors were no longer playing at the Whiskey as of ’67.

Just because they were fired wouldn’t mean Jim didn’t go to the Whiskey. As a former employee of the owner I can say that the draw to all of their clubs (Whiskey, Roxy and Rainbow) is the variety of rock stars who frequent their establishments. I never heard any of them say Jim was banned from the Sunset Strip.

Guys, try to picture a scene in which he’s lying, and let’s get through his head: ” Well, today I’m going in a Doors sub Reddit (Which is nowhere near any popularity, only some good fans(love you guys)) to get some attention and get like, maximum 50 karma! It just doesn’t make any sense. Well, it may have some holes in your story (probably because it’s actually very confusing), but I think you’re legit, OP. Any more stories or info post here for us, please! Ps: any way you resamble a little of your grandfather’s voice?

  The Doors' Jim Morrison Died In 1971, The Same Year NPR Debuted Original Programming

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