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D.I.Y. Stick N’ Poke Tattoo | Tatered
D.I.Y. Stick N’ Poke Tattoo | Tatered

how do you guys get such nice lines? i did my first stick and poke last night n it looks like shit :-/

There are a couple things that go into this.

First, what kind of needle did you use? What kind of ink? You can do a stick and poke with a sewing needle and india ink, but using nice materials will get you significantly better results. I personally use black liner ink and 3rl needles for all my tattoos, but a lot of people use 5rl or larger needles.

Second, what’s your poke technique like? A good stick and poke takes waaaaayyyyy longer than you’d expect- think hours for a small tattoo. In order to get a good tattoo, I shave and clean the skin well, and outline the design in blue (or red, purple, green, just not black) pen, then go over the whole thing once with my tattoo needle and ink. I wash the whole thing off with green soap and water so all that’s left is the faint outline from that quick pass with the needle. Then I work on the tattoo in small parts, going over each segment until it’s totally black. I keep the skin stretched where I’m working on it and use the lines I laid out as a guide so that they don’t get distorted from the stretching- this helps keep each dot close together so I can get a darker, cleaner line. Keep going until it’s done, especially if it’s a small piece- if you wait a few hours and come back, it’ll be much harder to get the ink in until the tattoo is healed.

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I heard india ink is not ment for stick n poke(edit1: I heard its only ment for outer skin) And it’s ment for outer body. Also how do you sterilize a needle. Edit 2: when do I re-dip the needle and won’t that unstairalize the needle?

You want to be basically stacking the dots on top of eachother, yours are very spaced out. Also, I’d recommend buying real tattoo needles, they’re very cheap on Amazon

Take your time and poke closer together! Mine look like shit too so don’t feel bad just keep at it and go over again once it’s all healed up!

It helps to be sober when you do the tattoo.

All seriousness, use a real, pre sterilized tattoo needle. You can buy them in bulk very cheap from amazon. Use real tattoo ink. Also cheap on amazon. Wrap the needle in thread, leaving just the tip exposed. This holds the ink and allows it to be drawn down into your skin when the needle makes contact.

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You’ll need to take your time and have each poke slightly overlapping the last one. If you start to get swollen and inflamed, give your skin a break, because it’s not going to absorb the ink well in that state. Wait about 20 minutes and keep going. You’ll probably need to do 2-3 passes over the same line to get it looking solid and dark. If it’s still faded and you need to go over it again, wait a couple weeks to give it time to heal. If you still can’t get it looking right, try finding a friend who has done them before, and who you know does a good job. Let them give you the tattoo and watch how they do everything. If you’re determined to get it right, watching others do it right will help. Practice on a banana peel or an orange so you don’t end up with a permanent shitty looking tattoo.

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Sheesh. Next time all you have to do is have a correct stencil and use a actual tattoo needle preferably three round liner or five round liner or higher and you must do 1.Dot at a time and follow the line as straight as you can and you should be good be sure to also dip your needle into ink frequently contacts and use lots of stretching the best way you can get better is probably drawing and tracing a lot

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