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How To Clean And Restore A Burnt Wok (Seasoning A Carbon Steel Wok) How To Make A Wok Non-Stick
How To Clean And Restore A Burnt Wok (Seasoning A Carbon Steel Wok) How To Make A Wok Non-Stick

Wok keeps rusting after cleaning

There is very little oil on your wok. Try asking your local Chinese restaurants to ask the master chief to season your wok for you using their dragon breath. After that, i only run a bit of oil on my wok to keep it from rusting.

This is aggravating me! For the second time now, I’ve cleaned my wok, dried it with towels and then over the flame, and then run all over with an oiled paper towel before storing it in our open island under counter shelf. I don’t use the wok very often, but I thought I had cared for it properly, and now I’ll re-season and hope that I don’t make the same mistake for the third time? Help!

  How To Clean A Burnt Carbon Steel Wok

Sounds like you either aren’t heating it enough to get all the moisture out before you oil it or not putting enough oil on after drying. Maybe being a little too aggressive during cleaning also

Heat it up till smoking and add a few drops of peanut oil, canola oil, or some high heat oil. Using a paper towel, rub that oil in. Do this after every cook.

Do you live somewhere very humid? This shouldn’t happen if you have it seasoned, dry it over heat, and oil it. Somehow it’s getting moisture on it.

That wok isn’t getting enough heat. Not enough heat in drying, not enough heat in oiling, etc. Maybe you just need to be more aggressive with the heat. Same with the oil.

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