Dive into anything

Dive into anything

Stardew Valley How to Date, Get Married \u0026 Have Children!
Stardew Valley How to Date, Get Married \u0026 Have Children!

Why does my baby do this

It’s a form of protest. The child is re-enacting the beheading of French aristocrats during the late 18th Century. This period is colloquially known as The Reign of Terror.

Let them eat cake, that will placate the child.

Doesn’t every family have at least one kid who got their head stuck between some rails?

This is a question I have to ask myself several times a day in regards to my IRL child. After learning that kids apparently can’t age past toddlers in this game, that made reproduction a solid ‘oh HAELL no’ for me.

well they do keep grow up past the toddler stage..

Just the next phase has them grow wings to never been seen again. It gives you a great reason to farm prismatic shards. The spouse can be happy making lots more babies, and you help the children be independent.

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Stardew babies are weird. Mine was born in the wall and skipped straight to toddler. Must be something in the water.

Mine likes to sit in front of the master bedroom doorway when I’m trying to get out in the morning. She’s as bad as the derned cat!

It’s a very common bug that has seen at least a dozen posts in the past month and a half, actually. I think there’s a way of replicating it (like there’s a certain thing that causes it) but I’m not sure.

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