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Naruto’s speed 🔥
Naruto’s speed 🔥

Is Naruto Faster Than The Speed Of LIGHT? By SethTheProgrammer. Thoughts?

I’m not watching a 12 minute video of this dude showing the same exact panel over and over again. No, Naruto is not faster than light speed.

It’s very clear what happened in the screenshots he’s showing of Naruto dodging Madara. He did not dodge the light beam. He dodged Madara’s head slashing with the light beam. Completely different. It would be like if your friend was holding a flashlight and swiped their arm trying to shine the light on you, but you duck before it gets to you. It does not make you faster than the light from the flashlight, it makes you faster than the speed your friend could swing their arm to flash it at you.

And the fact that he brought up Haku is just plain stupid. That would basically mean that everybody who has ever moved faster than Naruto and Sasuke from the first 10 episodes is therefore faster than light. Which is stupid, because that’s clearly not true. Haku was clearly exaggerating his speed. Unless you want to tell me that Lee without Gates, Neji, Kimimaro, and basically anybody in the series who has ever touched Naruto or Sasuke is above light speed. That’s where the argument of “Naruto dodged Haku, so he’s faster than mirrors” falls through. Because then you would have to say that basically everybody in the series is faster then light. Which gets even more ridiculous, because then that makes top tier speedsters faster than faster than light. You see where the argument starts to sound stupid.

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Naruto is incredibly fast. But nobody has legitimately dodged light. Everybody who has claimed to be light speed has been shown to be completely exaggerating. That’s kinda what happens in anime, people exaggerate to hype themselves up. Taking everything literally is where you get things like this where people can’t see the clear contradictions.

Kirin’s Lightning was stated to be too fast to dodge by the oldest dude in Naruto. Light is in a completely different league.

Even if all of that hype is taken literally, it is pretty clear that there are massive contradictions, which these people for whatever reason, ignore.

What do you make of his point about Gai being light speed+?

My gripe about this whole video is how he tries to bring real life science into it but only taking part of it, somehow Naruto is able to see light before light reaches him, that is literally impossible.

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Also if naruto was faster than light he shouldn’t have had any problems dodging Kirin in his fight against sasuke.

Well ur not really debunking the fact that everybody would be lightspeed of that’s the case, ur just saying it’s ridiculous so it’s not true?

You nailed it dude😂😂 a fanboy also arguing with me about it and his points are also same as stated in this vedio and i am leterally explaining same think to him but he don’t want to understand so i stop arguing with him….

Why he trying to use real life physics? Real life physics clearly states anything made up of solid mass cannot go light speed.

Ok now i come to a conclusion that i wasted my 12 min. This man is leterally speaking pointless thing according to his logic everyone in naruto can move faster then speed of light lol😂😂

Even fire force has better explanation when it comes to charcters going in the speed of light

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i’ve given up on debating who’s faster than who and exactly quantifying how fast the characters are. naruto is just fast af, period.

i like his video, though

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