Dive into anything

Dive into anything

Why Michael Myers just won’t DIE!
Why Michael Myers just won’t DIE!

What if Laurie Strode hires the IMPs to kill Michael Myers? How do u think it would end?

Depends on if which timeline of Micheal. If you mean magical zombie-esque Michael, he would win hands down. Normal flesh and blood human Michael, he loses. Michael is an ambush killer who relies on surprise as well as his victims lack of skill. IMP are professionals at snuffing out people though excessive force and ranged weaponry. Blitøs rifle to dome him and M&Ms smgs to keep him down. But that’s just me: someone who has spent too much time watching the Halloween series lol.

They could probably drop him through a portal. Tip off the authorities to a mortal trespasser.

Then again, that might just be the setup for another movie.

They have also been overpowered by humans, before. And I highly suspect that’s why Imps and other lower demons are not supposed to be going to Earth.

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That said, my homie Mike is a 6’6ish juggernaut that kills folks with his bare hands just as often as he does with knives. If IMP doesn’t maintain their distance, I do not like their odds.

Heh, that would actually make for a neat episode. The IMP are sent to kill a parody of a horror movie villain. One of their victims hired them.

I mean in a very roundabout way that kinda is what happened in EP 1

Just that the victim did herself in instead of being psycho killed because plot reasons

A nice decapitation would kill him, though I do believe he would be able to beat the imps

Isn’t Michael a straight up demon now and last time I checked I.M.P. can’t afford demon killing guns

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