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How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controller
How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controller

Guide to the Nintendo Switch (and its peripherals) battery life and charge times

The times on the controllers are fantastic compared to the shit I used to get in my ps4 controllers.

I feel like my 360 controller charges in like 2 hours but to be fair the battery lasts a long time cause I turn it off instantly when done playing games

It’s that touchpad that sucks down the juice. At least the controller comes with a port for charging so you can charge while you play though.

The addition of a USB C cable suddenly made the pro controller seem a lot more worth it.

Oh wow yeah now that I think about it you could use that to charge your Switch on the go too instead of buying another power adapter right?

Also do you happen to know if the $30 charging grip for the Joycons includes a USB-C cable? Because I think it’d be pretty silly if that didn’t also include one

  How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

40 hours on the pro-controller? Geez, between this and HD rumble, no wonder it’s a little pricier than DS4 or Xbone controllers.

Well the Wii U Pro Controller has 80 hours, and it’s amazing rarely having to charge it.

I have a hard time believing the Switch will take 3h to charge, specially with that USB-C conector.

I wonder if its because its charging the Switch and Joy-Cons at the same time? It’s a legitimate question.

Maybe they’re purposely keeping it charging slow for heat/temperature and/or long term battery life/longevity reasons?

USB( Type)-C is a connector, a shape, nothing else. Just like Type-A and Type-B. It added a whole bunch more pins and the controllers that back it are a bit more complex to enable it to be reversible, but that’s no indication of any other properties. You could make a USB Type-C port that only has USB 1.1 transfer speeds and can only draw 100 mA, and it would still be a perfectly fine USB Type-C port. (For the record, there are quite a few mobile devices with Type-C ports that only support up to USB 2.0.)

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That said, I’m sure it’s got plenty of the bells and whistles people have come to assume USB Type-C has (USB 3.1 protocol, DisplayPort or HDMI alt-mode, Power Delivery, etc.) and Nintendo is just sensibly limiting power to reduce battery wear.

It’s because the battery has a fairly high capacity. The thing isn’t a damn phone.

I also really wonder why people actually want to buy the $30 charging grip when the Joy-cons have a 20 hour battery life.

EDIT: I guess if you want the charge grip for a second pair of Joy-cons that makes complete sense. I just saw a guy say they he was canceling his pre-order because Nintendo was trying to trick people into thinking it was bundled in when they’re actually just giving us the regular grip.

For the record, with fast charging at 15W, my 2600 mAh phone takes about 1h15m to charge, so about doubling that, you get close to 3 hours, and could take into account the batteries for the Joy-cons too

  How to Charge Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

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