Detroit comic ‘HaHa’ Davis’ viral video gets love from ‘The Real’

Funniest Thoughts of HahaDavis Compilation 😅😂
Funniest Thoughts of HahaDavis Compilation 😅😂

Detroit comic ‘HaHa’ Davis’ viral video gets love from ‘The Real’

Detroit comedian HaHa Davis, left, gives money to an unnamed woman in need in this viral video which was shown Friday on the syndicated talk show 'The Real.'

Detroit comedian Carlos “HaHa” Davis saw his good deed go national Friday when a video clip of him giving cash to a woman in need was aired on “The Real.”

The syndicated daytime talk show — which is co-hosted by another Detroit comedian, Loni Love — showed Davis’ clip in a segment called “Elf Express.” The audience of “The Real” was asked to choose between two videos to determine a winner, and Davis’ clip was chosen.

Davis posted his video to social media two months ago, and it has gotten 2.4 million views on Instagram alone. In the video, filmed locally, he’s seen giving a woman in need cash after she was seen buying gas using pennies.

“My husband just died; a week ago we weren’t like this,” said the woman in the video who received $300 from the 26-year-old comedian. “I didn’t even ask (for this).”

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“We got love for you … we gotta take care of each other,” Davis said in the video.

Davis is a comedian and social media personality. The Detroit native, who will appear in the upcoming film “Meet the Blacks 2: The House Next Door” with comedian Mike Epps, has 3.8 million followers on Instagram.

Davis said he was about to leave for a comedy tour when he saw the woman at the gas station.

“I saw a lady putting pennies in her gas tank, and I was like ‘no, we can’t have that,’ ” he told The Detroit News on Friday. “It was basically being in the right place the right time.”

Davis, the nephew of Detroit News copy editor Lawrence Davis, said the gas station video has been his most viral yet.

“I did that about two months ago, and it’s still circulating around,” he said.

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