Deana Carter Music

Deana Carter Music

Deana Carter – How Do I Get There (Audio)
Deana Carter – How Do I Get There (Audio)

Deana Carter music featured in movies, TV shows and video games:

King of the Hill (Music from and Inspired by the TV Series King of the Hill)

Peggy skydives during the credits.

Did I Shave My Legs for This?

I Never Stopped Loving You

  Country star Deana Carter sues alleged Texas stalker, seeks restraining order

Did I Shave My Legs for This?

Deana Carter’s entrance for Macaw’s extra clue.

[Live performance] Deana Carter performs with American Idol contestant, Mike Parker.

[Live cast performance] Mike Parker auditions.

Chloe and Eric slow dance at the bar / They talk a bit and Chloe starts to cry / They leave the dance floor and continue to talk about Chloe’s last relationship at a table

(0:35) Sterling presents a condom and quotes John 3:16.

Nominee: Song Of The Year.

  Deana Carter once worked with stroke patients

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