Clothes that make you look slimmer

Body Language Trick to Look Instantly Slimmer/ How to Pose
Body Language Trick to Look Instantly Slimmer/ How to Pose

The way you dress can have a huge impact on how slim or how fat you are perceived to be by others, so if you want to look slimmer there are definitely some clothing tactics you can adopt to help your cause. In this article we’ll discuss some of the most effective ways of making yourself look slimmer, and even though you may not like all of these methods, there are bound to be one or two which are compatible with your own tastes and preferences.

There are also some fashion gaffes that you should avoid, such as improper accessorizing. When you’re a larger woman and you’re carrying a tiny purse or you have a very slim belt, that just calls attention to your size, and works against you. By avoiding mistakes like this and dressing to look thinner, you’ll be able to look 10 pounds thinner, and feel much more confident about yourself in public.

Dress to look slimmer

When dressing casually, it’s a good idea to wear V-neck shirts, because they produce the illusion of greater height, and they have the effect of slimming down a larger frame while also giving you a trimmer neckline. When you’re wearing V-neck shirts, it causes attention to be directed to your chest rather than to your neck. When you’re dressing more formally, you should choose dress shirts which have pointed collars, because these will direct attention toward your face, rather than toward your frame. Turtlenecks on the other should be avoided altogether, because they give the appearance of a short height, and cause the neck to be completely obscured.

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Both men and women can benefit from wearing suits which are custom-tailored to look flattering on you, by giving you a well-defined shape, rather than a formless, bulky appearance. If you’re a person who wears suits and blazers to work every day, you have a great opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light by having well-tailored apparel which fits you to a T. This gives you the best chance of having all your best features accentuated, while also minimizing those which are not so advantageous.

Anyone who has a somewhat larger build should incorporate vertical lines both for shirts and pants to the greatest extent possible. Vertical lines help to create the illusion where your body frame is elongated and made to look slimmer. One thing to avoid when incorporating vertical lines and stripes in your wardrobe is not to make them too splashy or bold. This will only draw unwanted attention to any of the larger areas around your frame, and will counteract what you’re trying to achieve.

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The secret to concealing a larger belly is to wear low-rise pants and slacks which rest comfortably on your hips, rather than on your waist. Unlike regular trousers, low-rise pants feature a shorter distance between the waistband top and your crotch. They will also manage your midsection so that you don’t have your stomach projecting out past your pants, although it will be necessary to ensure that your waistband is big enough to make this effective.

One of the best tips for looking slimmer is having a good tan, because that will hide skin flaws and it will cover-up cellulite and spider veins. Your skin can be one of the most important accessories, and that means you need to keep it looking healthy, so that your overall appearance is enhanced. When you have a really nice tan, you’ll feel much better about wearing shorter skirts and sleeveless tops. A tan is also much more appealing than having a pasty, white look which makes you look somewhat unhealthy.

Shapewear can conceal any large features you may have such as in the areas of the thighs, butt, or stomach, and can significantly improve your appearance by slightly compressing these areas. Don’t go overboard with this however, because you don’t want to compress any major organs in your body, and cause a health issue.

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Colours or patterns that are more slimming

Black never fails to give you a slimmer appearance while also imparting the look of elegance. In fact, a monochrome black look is probably the most flattering colour scheme you could possibly choose, in terms of making you look slimmer and hiding the fact that you have a larger frame.

This has always been true, and there is no doubt that it will always remain a key fact of dressing choices. There is no quicker way to give the appearance of looking slimmer than to adopt an all-black wardrobe for any event you happen to be attending.

Almost as effective as black are deep shades of purple, blue, and brown, since these also enhance the illusion of slimness.

Lighter colours such as white and khaki work just the opposite, and will generally cause you to look larger. If you’re trying to conceal wide hips, you should definitely not wear khakis, and if you’re trying to de-emphasize your chest, you should not wear any kind of a white blouse. When you’re choosing your colour scheme for any particular event, just keep in mind the simple adage: black colour slim, light colours heavy.

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