Chrisean Rock Says Blueface Was “Too Touchy-Feely” With Jaidyn Alexis For Touching Her Pregnant Belly At Their Daughter’s Baby Shower

Blueface \”Next Big Thing\” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)
Blueface \”Next Big Thing\” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

Chrisean Rock Says Blueface Was

By now, it’s clear–Chrisean Rock will ride for Blueface by all means! That includes tatting his entire face on her neck, whooping his mama and sister, and checking him when he’s doing the most with his ex-girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis.

As you may already know, the mother to Blueface’s first child and son is now heavily pregnant with their second child and first daughter. Over the weekend, the parents of two linked up at their daughter’s baby shower, and Chrisean didn’t seem to like the touchy-feely vibes!

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Chrisean Goes From Spit-Swapping To Defending GF Spot

Chrisean and Blueface spent some time boo’ed up in a club. But instead of “awww” moments, the couple gave that “explicit content warning” energy. First, at Chrisean’s urging, they tangled tounges using extra saliva, and later Blueface straight up spit in Chrisean’s mouth.

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The pair seemed to be in a hotel room a few hours later. First, Chrisean tells Blueface she loves him, then asks, “and why you acting like you don’t got a b***h.” As Blueface, who is recording the interaction off-camera, begins to respond, Chrisean interrupts, “you ain’t f*****g with me?” Blueface answers, “yeah, clearly.” Eventually, he tells Chrisean he’s “f*****g with [her],” and she appears to be satisfied with the answer–even offering to “get messy.”

A few minutes later, Blueface gets on camera. Viewers can hear Chrisean speaking about being on the same page in the distant background.

“So you don’t like that I posted my baby mama at the baby shower?” Blueface asked.

“It’s not that,” Chrisean responded. “I f**k with you. It’s too touchy-feely what you mean. I I had a n***a, my baby father touchy-feeling me, f**k all that bullsh*t, you my n***a, what are you saying? That sh*t don’t got nothing to do with me. If you wanna f**k with shorty, f**k with her, but f**k with her on your own time. Why you gotta drag me along with me? I’m innocent.”

The whole time Blueface lay in bed looking across the room while recording the conversation for Instagram Story.

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Blueface And Jaidyn Alexis Seem Friendly At Baby Shower

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The touchy-feely moment Chrisean seemed to tussle with happened at the former couple’s weekend baby shower. In one instance, Blueface gently rubbed Jaidyn’s bulging, pregnant stomach. She seemed unbothered while speaking with other shower guests.

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Jaidyn said, “he cheated” while seemingly pointing at Blueface. He then asked his daughter’s mother if she’s “ready to pop” to which she enthusiastically said yes before bouncing her cheeks in her violet-colored dress. Blueface followed up with “you gon be outside” and Jaidyn yelled back “outside” while seemingly leaning into Blueface’s chest area with a laugh.

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In another post, Blueface and Jaidyn are pictured posing together. Once again, his hand rested on her stomach.

Though the moment seemed innocent enough, just two co-parents figuring it out, Chrisean clearly wasn’t here for it!

Jaidyn, on the other hand, didn’t return fire as she’s done in the past. The pregnant mama instead chose to promote ads, lip sing, and feature Blueface’s mini all on her Instagram Story.

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