Carbs In Cantaloupe: Is Cantaloupe Keto?

Carbs In Cantaloupe: Is Cantaloupe Keto?

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If you’re new to keto, there’s tough news to know: Some fruit works with this way of eating… but not all fruits. So when it comes to cantaloupe, is cantaloupe keto? Let’s take a close look at carbs in cantaloupe, plus ways you can get the flavor of cantaloupe on keto.

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Is Cantaloupe Keto Friendly?

Maybe. Similar to watermelon, carbs in cantaloupe are too high per serving size to easily enjoy every day, but it might be keto in smaller amounts.

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Is cantaloupe low carb, though? Yes! It depends on your personal macros, but cantaloupe generally fits into a low carb approach to keto.

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Are carbs in cantaloupe high? This sliced cantaloupe is too high in carbs to be keto friendly.

How Many Carbs In Cantaloupe?

Does cantaloupe have carbs? Absolutely. How many carbs does cantaloupe have, then? In one whole medium cantaloupe, you can expect to find 48 grams total carbs [*].

How about net carbs in cantaloupe? With a small amount of fiber, you’ll find 43.6 grams net carbs in one whole cantaloupe.

But let’s be real, no one is eating an entire cantaloupe in one sitting! So…

How many carbs in a cup of cantaloupe?

Is cantaloupe high in carbs if you just have a 1-cup serving? Not so much. Carbs in cantaloupe (1 cup only) clock in at 13.6 grams total carbs and 12.4 grams net carbs [*].

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How many carbs in a slice of cantaloupe?

Can you have cantaloupe on keto if it’s just one large slice? It’s still high, but it might work! Carbs in a cantaloupe slice add up to 8.9 grams total carbs and 8 grams net carbs [*].

The chart below summarizes cantaloupe carb count for various serving sizes.

Serving SizeTotal CarbsNet Carbs
1 whole cantaloupe

1 cup

1 large slice







Keto Cantaloupe Substitutes

You can fit cantaloupe into a keto diet in moderation, but if you decide that the carbs per serving are too high, try these substitutes instead:

  • Small amounts of cantaloupe – Enjoy a small slice or a few chunks, and save it for special occasions.
  • Lower carb keto fruits – If fruity flavor is all you crave, simply swap the fruit!
  • Cantaloupe Flavor – Similar to a flavor extract and works in recipes and drinks.
  • Sugar Alternatives – Keep sweetness but cut the carbs with a low carb sugar substitute.
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Conclusion: Can You Eat Cantaloupe On Keto?

Carbs in cantaloupe are on the high side, but you can fit them into your keto way of eating once in a while. If you do enjoy cantaloupe, keep servings small and consider lower carb substitutes instead.

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