Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake (Video)

Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake (Video)


Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake

Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #summer #holiday #july4th #fudge

Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe: All the amazing layers of Dairy Queen Buster Bars in a quick 5-ingredient treat! Ice cream, fudge, red skinned peanuts, and chocolate coating pressed into easy-to-cut bars.

Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #summer #holiday #july4th #fudge

Dairy Queen Treats

For years Dairy Queen Buster Bars have been my ultimate guilty pleasure.

On a rough day, as an after-school treat for the kids, or even as a late night snack… Dairy Queen was there, ready to lift my spirits with creamy vanilla ice cream, swirls of soft fudge, red skin peanuts, and brittle chocolate coating.

When the kids were little, those late night Buster Bars were my favorite.

Best Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #summer #holiday #july4th #fudge

We’d get the kids in bed after a full day of work, school, appointments, and chores. Then as we’d sit down on the couch to finally relax, Lt. Dan would get the idea to run out and grab a couple of Buster Bars.

Luckily we had a Dairy Queen just 3 minutes away!

Ten minutes later, we’d sit back down on the couch, turn on a favorite sitcom, and sink our teeth into pure chocolatey joy.

Irresistible Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #summer #holiday #july4th #fudge

Sadly, our nearest Dairy Queen closed its doors just a few months ago.

Since then, I’ve been having withdrawals.

Not that we were eating Buster Bars every week, mind you. It’s just the knowledge that I can’t have one in 3 minutes that makes it so painful.

Making Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #summer #holiday #july4th #fudge

No-Bake Desserts

If there was ever a time for a simple no-bake dessert recipe, it’s right now, in the heat of summer.

I love simple desserts you can whip up in minutes, especially if they taste like my beloved Buster Bars.

Today’s easy to make 5-Ingredient Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake is just what the doctor ordered. It’s the perfect pick-me-up and cool-me-down for summer parties!

Our Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake recipe has all the components of classic Dairy Queen Buster Bars pressed into

How To: Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #summer #holiday #july4th #fudge

Buster Bar Cake Ingredients

  • Vanilla Ice Cream. Although Dairy Queen uses their famous soft-serve for Buster Bars, a coupleof layers of good quality vanilla ice cream will soften in minutes, once cut and served.
  • Fudge Sauce. Buy a big jar, so you have a nice even layer of fudge in the middle. If you have to heat it a tad to spread it, that’s ok. But it should be no more than room temperature or the ice cream will melt.
  • Red Skin Peanuts. The Buster Bar little extra something!
  • Chocolate Shell Coating. Use Magic Shell or any grocery store chocolate coating that hardens when it gets cold.
  • Chocolate Graham Crackers. Although there is no sign of graham crackers in classic Buster Bars, these act as the platform on which to build the ice cream cake, making it much easier to scoop each piece out of the dish and serve.
  Peanut Buster® Parfait

How To Make Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #summer #holiday #july4th #fudge

How To Make Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake

Honestly, this could not be any more simple… Just layer it in!

  • Layer 1, graham crackers.
  • Layer 2, ice cream.
  • Layer 3, fudge and peanuts.
  • Layer 4, more ice cream.
  • Layer 5, more peanuts and chocolate coating.

Easy Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #summer #holiday #july4th #fudge

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Recipe Tips

Make sure to press both layers of ice cream smooth before moving on.

Also make sure that you sprinkle the top of the cake with peanuts before you add the Magic Shell, so it seals the peanuts in place.

Perfect Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #summer #holiday #july4th #fudge

Get the Full (Printable) Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe Below

Amazing Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #summer #holiday #july4th #fudge

Best Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

Final thoughts on the results?

Yes. Yeeeeeeeeees. This recipe will definitely satisfy a hardcore Buster Bar craving.

Plus, it’s easy to make, feeds a crowd, saves money (if you were actually going to buy 24 Buster Bars) and feels like a celebration in appearance, flavor, and creamy texture.

This Buster Bar Cake is a summertime win!

5-Ingredient Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #summer #holiday #july4th #fudge

I highly recommend you make one in the next couple of weeks… Say around Independence Day?

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Simple 5-Ingredient Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #summer #holiday #july4th #fudge

Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake


  • 10 whole chocolate graham crackers
  • 1 gallon vanilla ice cream
  • 14 ounce hot fudge sauce
  • 1 1/2 cups red skin peanuts
  • 7.5 ounce Magic Shell chocolate coating


  • Set the ice cream out to soften. Line the bottom of a 9X13 inch baking dish, with graham crackers. Break several crackers in half in order to cover the entire bottom in a single layer.
  • Scoop half the ice cream on top of the graham crackers. Use the scooper (or a stiff spatula) to smash the ice cream into a flat layer.
  • Pour the fudge over the ice cream layer. Spread it out in a thin layer over the ice cream. Then sprinkle half the peanuts over the surface of the fudge.
  • Scoop the remaining ice cream over the fudge and peanuts. Press gently into a smooth layer, sealing in the fudge.
  • Sprinkle the remaining peanuts over the ice cream in an even layer. Then drizzle the Magic Shell over the peanuts to secure them into place. Place the pan in the freezer for at least 3 hours before cutting.




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  2. This was every bit as good as I’d hoped! Definitely a keeper! 😋

  3. I want to make these. What do you think about using the magic shell on the bottom to make the hard shell on the bottom too? What if i spray it or even line the pan with parchment?

  4. So easy, so yummy and easily my favorite dessert so far this year. I had to use chocolate wafer cookies since I couldn’t find chocolate graham crackers but we LOVED it! Thank you for sharing.

  5. I used lactose free ice cream, oreos (minus the cream) since my store was out of graham crackers, and Reese’s magic shell. So easy and SO GOOD! Everyone raved about it. Thank you!!

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  7. This was really good. I however used regular graham crackers couldn’t find chocolate ones, sugar free chocolate sauce and sf magic shell and sugar free ice cream. It tasted so good. I’m diabetic.

  8. GREAT recipe! Growing up I worked at DQ for 8 summers and Buster Bars and PB Parfaits were my favorite to eat and make!! I have made this with a vanilla wafer crumb base, packed with butter and slightly baked like crust. And the peanuts – they are Spanish Peanuts – I can still see the giant can they came in at the store!! Also – I don’t like Hershey Syrup so I’ve used Smuckers Fudge – its thicker and more gelatinous and sets up really well against the ice cream. And – my birthday is at the end of June so guess what I’m making?! Thanks for reminding me of a favorite!!

  9. This sounds amazing! I’m definitely going to make this very soon. This is such a yummy Re pie with so many ways you could personalize it to meet the crowd you’re serving. I wonder what one that incorporates a layer of peanut butter into it would taste like. I know it would change the recipe and I would have to check the other ingredients carefully, but I may also make a second one with rice crispies instead of peanuts for my peanut allergy friend.

  10. I grew up in my mom and dads Dairy Queen in State College PA. When I was older and had to work in the store I loved making Buster bars and peanut Buster parfaits. Sadly when cooperates took over the Dilly bars and Buster bars were made in bulk not in the stores any more. Thank you for this recipe. I will definitely be making this.

  11. Do you leave the red skin on the peanuts?

  12. WOW!!! So easy to make and absolutely delicious.

  13. I made this recipe in small mason jars so everyone had individual servings. Delicious!!!

  14. Love a buster bar! When I need layers of ice cream I like to remove it from the package and slice it like a loaf of bread. It makes layering and smoothing the ice cream much easier. Thanks for the recipe!

  15. AMAZING!!!! I’m sooo doing that

  16. Great recipe!! I have made it exactly as written.

    Tip: make sure you have a half gallon of ice cream, it’s usually sold now in smaller packages that are not a full half gallon.

  17. This was delicious. I used chocolate graham animal cookies (crushed) for the bottom. However, I had a problem with it sticking to the pan. I was fighting with it to get it out. Any suggestion?

    • I put a layer of parchment paper on the bottom of my pan then did the chocolate cookie crumb crust. It works perfect.

  18. Our Dairy Queen sells their ice cream by the quart for $2.50. You could use the real thing when you make this and still spend less than buying good vanilla ice cream at the store. Check your DQ for this dessert hack!

  19. Can not find the chocolate graham crackers any where, all the comments sound good, but can I use regular graham crackers?

  20. My store didn’t have chocolate graham crackers, so I bought a chocolate graham pie crust…. I plan on breaking it up and making the crust that way! Hope it works!

  21. Thank you! I made this for a neighborhood gathering. So easy. Served a large group. Everyone was delighted! My husband especially loved it. Enough that we now have a second one in the freezer that he is working on. It freezes very well. Make sure to not get the hot fudge to hot!

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  23. Thought:.. instead of using choc gram crackers what about a thin to med choc cake?

  24. Dairy Queen was my 1st job as a high schooler. I’ve made plenty of those bars!!! And a ton of other treats…you brought back some old as heck memories!!!

  25. Hi Sommer. This looks delicious! I can’t find the link for the video. Any chance you can repost it?



  27. I’m wondering if your could use brownies as the base? Wouldn’t that be delightful!!

    • The brownie bottom sounds great. Gonna try that myself. Thanks

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  29. How far ahead can I make this? Can I wrap it good and keep it in the freezer for a week?

  30. Oh my gosh! I am so excited to make this! I found this spicy chocolate recipe that is would go great with this Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake! I’m really excited to try it!

  31. Thank you for recreating an old favorite treat! Can’t wait to give it a try at the next family gathering!

  32. This looks delicious! I plan on putting it together this evening for a birthday celebration tomorrow. My one complaint: please please please lose that annoying music. It adds absolutely nothing but detracts mightily.

  33. Oh my goodness- this is such a good dessert! My mom made this when I was growing up and this brings back many fun memories. The only difference was the crust was made with ground up Oreos (filling and all). Great summertime dessert!

    • I havent made it yet. But I plan to. Buster bar is my husbands favorite from DQ….will let you know….

  34. This was a huge hit! Everyone at my house loved it!

  35. This might be the best ice cream dessert I have ever tasted!

  36. This looks heavenly! Can’t wait to make this! Peanut and chocolate is one of my favorites with ice cream.

  37. Oh, my gosh, SO much better than Buster Bars!! Fabulous!!!

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