8 ‘Julie And The Phantoms’ Actors You Absolutely Need To Follow On Instagram

8 ‘Julie And The Phantoms’ Actors You Absolutely Need To Follow On Instagram

Every Song from Julie and the Phantoms | Netflix After School
Every Song from Julie and the Phantoms | Netflix After School

If you haven’t watched Julie And The Phantoms on Netflix yet, you’re definitely missing out. And if you’ve already binged the entire series in one sitting (like me), then you know what I’m talking about. It’s so pure and fun and romantic, it’ll remind you of your ~childhood dreams~, teen crushes, and High School Musical!

Here’s the sitch: Julie (Madison Reyes), a super talented teenager, loses her passion for music after her mom passes away. But then she meets three ghosts from 1995—members of a band called Sunset Curve—who died before their time, and together, they help Julie find her voice and she helps them with their unfinished business. Sparks also fly between Julie and songwriter + band leader Luke (Charlie Gillepsie), who somehow reminds us of HSM’s Troy Bolton! It’s not surprising since the series is directed by Kenny Ortega. BTW, Julie And The Phantoms is actually based on a Brazilian TV series of the same name.

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And because this show is so adorable, here are eight cast members you should follow on Insta right now for more good vibes (plus trivia about them from Netflix):

***Warning: Minor spoilers ahead***

1. Madison Reyes (Julie)

IG handle: @themadisonreyes

Fun Fact: For the role of Julie, the casting directors saw 700 auditions from around the world. Then-14-year-old Madison’s teacher suggested that she should try out for the part and she self-recorded her audition tape at home. Julie And The Phantoms is her first profesh acting role!

2. Charlie Gillespie (Luke)

IG handle: @charles_gillespie

Fun Fact: To prepare for his audition, Charlie started performing at open mic nights around Los Angeles, California, to ~build up his confidence~. Also, his recording session for the song “Unsaid Emily” was “so moving and emotionally charged that everyone in the studio was moved to tears!”

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3. Owen Patrick Joyner (Alex)

IG handle: @owenjoyner

Fun Fact: Owen is a HUGE musical theater fan. By the time he was 18, he had acted in 38 musicals. Owen and Charlie also lived together during filming in Vancouver and were like “an old married couple,” according to Jeremy Shada.

4. Jeremy Shada (Reggie)

IG handle: @jeremyshada

Fun fact: When Madison first met Jeremy during auditions, she ~fangirled~ because she was such a huge fan of his works as Finn in Adventure Time and as Lance in
Voltron: Legendary Defender. Awww.

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5. Savannah Lee Mae (Carrie)

IG handle: @savannahleemay

Fun fact: In the show, Carrie and her group Dirty Candi’s costumes were largely inspired by K-pop! Each member’s costume is designed after a specific piece of candy, and even when the girls are out of costume, they still dress in their specific Dirty Candi color palette (pink for Carrie, of course).

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6. Sacha Carlson (Nick)

IG handle: @sacha_carlson

Fun fact: Adorable Sacha, who plays Julie’s crush (and Carrie’s BF) in the show, is also a musician IRL and released an album last year.

7. Jadah Marie (Flynn)

IG handle: @thejadahmarie

Fun fact: Jadah Marie previously worked with Kenny Ortega on the film Descendants 3, where she played the role of Celia, the daughter of Dr. Facilier from The Princess And The Frog.

8. Booboo Stewart (Willie)

IG handle: @booboostewart.art

Fun fact: Booboo also starred in Disney’s Descendants movie franchise as Jay, the son of Jafar from Aladdin.

Watch the trailer for Julie And The Phantoms here.

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