22 DIY Rolling Tray Ideas

DIY: Resin Smokers Tray Mold Set \u0026 Matching Wide Mouth Jars … Step-By-Step Tutorial
DIY: Resin Smokers Tray Mold Set \u0026 Matching Wide Mouth Jars … Step-By-Step Tutorial

These 22 rolling tray ideas are great to use and make rolling your joints with the help of a tray feel better. Rolling has always been a tedious task. It’s like preparing to meet your friend, couldn’t go out with messy hair. Rolling with a tray itself is another story. I’ve tried it myself, but it was not so smooth, and I was still afraid of spilling everything around me while smoking pot. So, here are 22 DIY rolling tray ideas that you would love to get inspired from and create your rolling tray. These rolling trays are customizable, and the designs are even more creative than a standard one. The next time you’re in the mood to roll joints, use and check these rolling tray ideas out.

DIY Rolling Tray Ideas

Why be confined to a boring rolling tray when you can use one which perfectly fits your needs. From the rolling tray that doubles up as a laptop stand to one that lets you play games while you’re consuming, we bring you 20 DIY rolling tray ideas that you would want in your home. These trays will not reduce the quality of your smoking experience but rather enhance its value! Rolling trays are the best to have at home when you want to get the most out of any smoking session. What’s nice about them is that they give you more control over your action, smoothing it out and helping you raise high. With all these being said, though, most people end up settling for a standard rolling tray, not realizing that others work better.

How To Make A Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are painted on glass, wood, and marble. Another example of this type is using a rolling tray for the money; how To Make A Rolling Tray With No Cricut shows you how to make it at home with little money and effort. You will only need an image, scissors to cut it to size, and other materials available at home or purchased at a small price and using the epoxy for glue. This is made from an ashtray, but you can always find another small bowl or cup that works to create a tray in the same manner. The mod podge helps preserve your image on the tray and gives it some shine!

DIY Rolling Tray

This DIY Rolling Tray is a great way to get a practical and fashionable way of smoking. You would find an ashtray, lighter, jar, and a tray in a basic rolling tray. The body is made of wood, a hard material that helps it last for several years. This DIY rolling tray was painted using spray paint to look elegant and splendid. The rolling tray should be treated with epoxy to avoid the spray paint from peeling off. The epoxy used must contain wax so that the surface becomes shining and attractive.

How To Make A Rolling Tray

This is an easy hack to make a cool-looking rolling tray. First, you’ll need a clean metal tray, metal mesh, and epoxy. Cut the mesh into a size that can fit into the metal mesh. Spray paint the tray in your favorite color and let it dry, as well as the mesh you’ve cut earlier. When it’s done drying, it’s time to start gluing all of the edges of your metal tray with epoxy. The result should be a neat tray with a metal mesh on each side, like shown in the picture above, exactly like what I have.

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DIY Rolling Tray

DIY rolling tray is fast becoming a trend, but if you want to join this trend, there are steps that you need to follow. Making a DIY rolling tray is tough, but it’s all worth it. It can be placed on any smooth surface, such as a desk or table. What makes it extra appealing is that it can be customized with glitters and trinkets, making for an elegant piece as well as a functional one. You can easily make one yourself with a few simple materials and your imagination. It makes you look like you have the money and saves a significant amount of money.

How To Make A Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is usually used in the kitchen. Many people have difficulty making it themselves. This video aims to provide a step-by-step guide on making a rolling tray at home. The building materials for this project are easy to lay and will take you only one weekend to finish. When starting the project, do not forget the safety masks and gloves because they are essential to avoid injuries while handling the materials. If you want to learn how to make your rolling tray through a personal project, then you need to follow this video tutorial as you get started.

How To Make Rolling Trays

Making a rolling tray is relatively easy. For this project, you need to spray paint the mini tray any color of your choice, place the jar in the middle of the tray, and attach a lighter and a bottle with word stickers nearby. Then, put the mini tray in and take it out whenever you want to light your candle or burn incense. You can also fill some small candles in the jar so that it will always light up your room wherever you bring your rolling tray. The best part about making this rolling tray is that anyone can use it. If you’re looking for an easy home decor item for yourself or a gift, consider making a rolling tray!

DIY Mod Podge Rolling Tray

DIY mod podge craft has been popular among many crafters. What you need to do is pretty easy. For example, for this rolling tray, all you need is an old wooden serving tray, mod podge (it can be any type), fabric for the design or pattern, paint or color that you want to use, brush, or something to apply the mod podge, and a roller. You should lay the fabric on the tray then cut out the tray’s size to make it work. Apply some mod podge on the tray’s surface and smooth well so there won’t be any bubbles under the material. Trim the edges, and it is ready to use.

DIY Full Coverage Rolling Tray

Want to get a full coverage rolling tray? This DIY rolling tray will not only save you money but also help you create a unique design for all your gatherings. Leave being bored to think about cheap and boring trays at the corner. Using the mod podge to cover an ordinary rolling tray and drawing a picture on it with a pencil might be your best choice for indoor or outdoor party use. The rolling tray is usually made of wood or aluminum alloy and textured so that resin can’t stick to the surface while curing. However, this kind of rolling tray can be costly, so the tutorial will teach you how to make one using printer paper and a regular mod podge.

Dice Rolling Tray

A DIY Dice Rolling Tray is an easy craft project you can do on your own to improve the gaming experience. This gift is perfect for any board game players and D&D players that play with a lot of dice. The best part about making your tray is to customize it to fit your style and needs specifically. From painting the wood to upgrading with felt-lining, you can have a tray that will suit your space and give you an improved playing experience. Felt-lined trays will keep the noise level of your tabletop dice game to a minimum – no more jangling of metal against hardwood!

  How To Make A Resin Rolling Tray

Easy Rolling Tray Tutorial

The key to this rolling tray is to spray your small tray with paint and allow it to dry. Then, prepare the picture or sticker you want to stick to and attach it to the tray’s surface with epoxy. A handmade rolling tray is a great gift to give anyone who likes to smoke and roll their cigarettes. This tutorial will provide easy steps to make a rolling tray and essential tips that will help you craft your unique rolling tray for your friends and family.

How To Make A Resin Tray

Making a resin tray is quite easy and only requires simple materials. You can buy different resins and colorants specifically made for this method. Mixing the ingredients will give you the wax, which you can use to make your rolling trays. Just mix up all the components in an oversized bowl, pour them in a tray, let it dry, and then have yourself some fun! The great thing about a resin is that it is safe with non-toxic and has a relaxing aroma once dry. Making your resin is something anyone can do, who loves keeping busy and loves making things.

DIY Gold Glitter Resin Rolling Tray

This DIY gold glitter resin rolling tray is intended for making unique gifts for your friends and family. To come up with such an elaborate gift, you will need some time and dedication. The best place to begin is to get some high gloss resin, mod podge, paper cups, gold glitters, and an old lacquered tray. Mix the mod podge and the glitters and pour them over the bottom of the imported lacquered tray. Allow it to dry very well before you continue. Take the first layer of resin, mix it according to instructions on the package, and pour it at one end of the lacquered tray. Then use a flat tool to press it down a little bit. Use a plastic stick to move it all around until the entire surface of your DIY layered trays is covered with resin.

Rolling Tray Tutorial

To make your rolling tray, use a template to trace the figure you want on the surface of the stainless steel tray. Use transfer tape to apply vinyl onto the tray. To paint on two different colors, make sure they mix well so they don’t make blotches. When painting, use a brush to cover more area at once. The rolling tray is one of the simplest DIY to create an attractive piece. This tutorial will help you learn how to make one yourself step by step.

Glitter Glow In The Dark Tray

This DIY Glitter Glow In The Dark Tray is the perfect project for you to learn if you have basic painting and drilling skills. It turns out pretty well, and then it is your time to showcase it at your home, office, anywhere you like. Another good thing is that this DIY is inexpensive and easy to make. This one just cost less than $10. It is a fun and easy project that anyone can use common household supplies at home. Now is the best time to create your personalized DIY projects with leftover materials from other projects around your house.

DIY Glitter Tray

DIY Glitter Tray is designed to hold your glitters in an organized way. They come with a cover so that the glitters won’t fly out. You can easily mix your favorite glitter and make designs by tipping the tray at an angle. All you need is DIY Glitter Tray. This tray can hold up to 3 ounces of your favorite glitter colors. It’s a perfect craft tool for those who like bling and sparkle. It will be a decent beautifying gift for your loved partner to show him your love, sincerity, and care.

  Resin Rolling Tray

Halloween Rolling Tray

Did you always want to learn how to turn a wooden board into a Halloween-themed rolling tray? Well, here is the instruction manual for you. You will need to sand the tray lightly to smoothen the edges and apply some protective finish to give it a slightly rustic appearance. Then, you can use printable masking tape to print the image of a spider and stick it to the front surface of the tray using some mod podge or hot glue. Finally, pour some epoxy resin on the image of a spider using an empty cup, lift the tray and tilt it from side to side till the epoxy spreads evenly all over the tray.

How To Add Picture To Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is essential for storing pot pieces and rolling papers when smoking. It’s also a convenient way to roll your cigarette. To add a picture to a rolling tray, you can use various items to decorate it. This article will describe how to add a picture to a rolling tray, specifically three methods of adding pictures to rolling trays. First, reshape the photo according to the ashtray shape on your tray, print it out, and cut it with scissors or a paper cutter. Next, use small pieces of start and stick them on the rolling paper application area on your tray and other places using glue.

How To – Liquid Rolling Tray

This is a simple DIY with very interesting results. It’s made of a walnut wood tray, applied the images of butterflies, and used the liquid resin to make it sound nicer. It was left for about 10 minutes in a UV lamp to get dried, and then she coated the whole tray with glaze. After that, she showered the tray with glitter to get a fantastic look from these trays. Allow drying thoroughly before removing the extra resin from the tray using cotton. Clean with water/vinegar/alcohol solution if necessary before painting again or letting resin cure. Store in a dry place, do not leave in direct sunlight!

How To Make A Fabric Rolling Tray

If you’re looking for a crafty way to spruce up your desk, this is certainly one way to do it. This project is simple, and it doesn’t require a template. For the most part, you have to be neat to ensure that you’ll get a stunning result. If you’re not sure how this would work out, try this with a small piece of fabric. Once you’re done, there will be no more dull-looking rolling trays in your house! This looks great in a kitchen or a dining room. Make your unique rolling tray today!

DIY Glitter Rolling Tray

This DIY Glitter Rolling Tray is an excellent gift for your child’s party. All you need to do is get a metal tray, apply some kid podge on it, including the edges and put some glitter in it. Lift the tray and tilt it until the glitter goes around the tray. Mix up some epoxy and pour it over the glitter. Now take the glue or epoxy; if you are using epoxy, heat it to become liquid and pour over the glitter. Let it dry after doing this process.

Bottlecap Serving Tray

I bought a plain wooden serving tray for my DIY Bottlecap Serving Tray and painted it with glossy red spray paint. Then, I glued on bottle caps in multicolors of red, white, and blue. Once it dried completely, I had an excellent way to serve chips and salsa to my guests at our Memorial Day BBQ party! You can make your own unique bottlecap serving tray with an inexpensive plain wooden tray and a little spray paint and hot glue. This is a step-by-step instruction on making a DIY bottlecap serving tray that I recently made and had tons of fun with.

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