15 tips to look slim in Indian outfits


Women wear ethnic dresses for several reasons. It enhances looks and gives you the real feel of a distant culture. Indian dresses are popular worldwide. There are several reasons for this popularity. For one, Indian outfits come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Furthermore, India is a subcontinent. Therefore, you can find dresses that suit all weather and moods. However, the biggest problem faced by women is wearing Indian dresses in a manner that suits them best. Further, looking slim and trim in Indian dresses is something everyone desires. Here are some tips to make you appear slim in Indian outfits.

Tip-1: Select your outfit carefully

As mentioned earlier, Indian outfits come in various shapes, colors and styles. Therefore, you need to be rather choosy while selecting one. The most popular Indian dress is Sari, the national dress for Indian women.

Wearing a sari can be really cumbersome for the uninitiated. However, you can select other, easy to wear dresses. Remember, select a dress that best suits your complexion, age and conceals those extra pounds. You can refer to a few modeling tips before getting started.

Tip-2: Avoid heavy dresses

To look slim in Indian outfits, you need to avoid heavy dresses. Meaning, select dresses made from light fabrics such as crepe and cotton. Generally, Indian dresses are made of heavier stuff. These tend to add bulk to your body frame and make you look a bit chubby. Also, avoid Indian outfits that require too many folds.

Tip-3: Select vertical patterns

Undoubtedly, one of the oldest tricks is to use vertical patterns to add height and appear slim. You can do this with Indian dresses too. Avoid large floral patterns. Instead, opt for outfits that have long, slender lines and designs. Also, avoid block colors wherever possible. Such colors cause you to appear heavier than what you weigh. Interestingly, fashion models flout colors that highlight their physique and beauty.

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Tip-4: Keep a lighter bust

A lot of Indian outfits are heavy near the bust or your upper body. Avoid such dresses. Further, you can avoid dresses that include folds and collars near your neck and chest region. Dupatta, or a broad Indian sash, is often worn over the shoulders and runs across the chest. Instead, try wearing it flowing downwards. Saris are also heavy on the top since it involves using a blouse and wearing the sari across the chest.

Tip-5: Watch your hairstyle

Unfortunately, your hairstyle can make you look bulkier while wearing an Indian dress. Therefore, get a hairdo that makes you appear slimmer. Hair buns add weight to your head and neck. Instead, try leaving your hair long and flowing. It gives a great, slim and carefree look as compared with any formal hairdo. Traditionally, Indian women flaunt long hair. You could use the same trick to appear slim while wearing Indian outfit.

Tip-6: Use light jewelry

Typically, Indian dresses are somewhat incomplete if you do not wear some jewelry. In fact, Indian outfits are designed keeping in mind that Indian women use heavy jewelry and trinkets. However, you can look slimmer in Indian outfits if you keep jewelry use to minimal. Avoid thick neckbands and heavy bangles. Instead, a simple, long chain with a small pendant will suffice. Further, you can choose some light Indian jewelry to accompany the Indian dress. Heavy trinkets tend to make you look bulky.

Tip-7: Slimmer looking leg wear

Generally, Indian leg wear is also heavy on cloth. Classic examples of these include Patialas and lehengas which are rather roomy and comfortable. Sadly, they make your legs appear fatter. You can avoid this problem simply by using slimmer, skin-hugging variants of churidar. A wide selection of churidars that fit as tight as pair of denims is easily available in the market.

Tip-8: Stay off embroidery and heavy designs

Generally, Indians are too fond of embroidery and heavy designs on dresses. Hence, you may come across dresses that are adorned with lots of embroidered patterns and designs made of beads, glass pieces, and other motley stuff. These are good enough if you are already slim. However, if you are on the heavier side, it is best to avoid such designs and embroidery. They add unnecessary weight to your overall looks. However, if you do need to buy an Indian outfit with embroidery, look for ones that have slimmer designs and are light on the material.

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Tip-9: Using adornments

Thankfully, Indian women use a wide range of adornments to go with their outfits. Typically, these include a bindi or small dot of natural herbal powder applied on the forehead. You can buy synthetic versions too and use them like stickers for your forehead. Another popular adornment is mehendi or henna paste designs made on palms, hands and feet. Regardless where you live, a packet of readymade bindi and parlors that offer mehendi can always be found. Bindi makes your head appear a bit longer. On the other hand, mehendi adds color to your hands and imparts a long, beautiful look. However, check if you are allergic to any of these products before wearing them.

Tip-10: Increase your height

Thankfully, Indian dresses allow every woman to use footwear of her choice. You too can select footwear that adds a couple of inches to your height. This way, you will appear taller and slimmer in Indian outfits. Once again, you need to do so with some caution. As mentioned earlier, Indian dresses can prove bulky or cumbersome for the uninitiated. Therefore, practice few steps in the footwear and Indian outfit you wish to wear. Proper footwear will make you look slimmer in Indian dresses.

Tip-11: Wear slim-fit varieties

Nowadays, you can buy slim-fit varieties of Indian dresses online and at stores. Basically, slim-fit dresses are tailored to highlight body contours. Therefore, wearing them makes good fashion sense. You can highlight your physique with slim-fit Indian tops and leg wear without looking portly or chubby. Worn properly, you can actually make yourself appear slimmer than your actual size. Unless you have a large paunch, slim fit dresses will suit ideally.

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Tip-12: Eyeliners and lipsticks

Interestingly, Indian women did not use eyeliners and lipstick till a couple of decades ago. There were several reasons for shunning these essential adornments. However, you are free to use eyeliners to make your face appear slimmer and younger. Proper use of lipstick will also add to the slim and trim look while wearing Indian outfits.

Tip-13: Carry light bag or purse

Unfortunately, a lot of women add unnecessary weight to their appearance by carrying bulky handbags and purses. You can shun these while wearing an Indian outfit. Generally, Indian outfits do not have pockets. This means you cannot stuff anything in your dress. While wearing an Indian outfit, you can appear slimmer by carrying a small, matching purse or handbag. Thankfully, a wide selection of ethnic Indian handbags and purses made with tribal designs are available online. These will make you look slimmer.

Tip-14: Watch your back

Sadly, most women are conscious about how they appear on the front but pay scant respect to the back. Indian dresses generally cover the entire body including the back. The extra cloth on the back side of your dress will make you appear heavier. However, modern designers have created variants of ethnic Indian dresses that do justice to the back too. Select such dresses since they make you look more fashionable and slimmer.

Tip-15: Take selfies to perfect your looks

Now, this may sound rather silly. However, it does help immensely. Take a few selfies of yourself with a mobile or digital camera. It will give you a clear indication of how you appear in Indian outfits. You can use this to perfect your looks and wear Indian outfits accordingly to conceal fatter parts of the physique while highlighting your slimness.

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