13 Essential Mexican Food Phrases: Useful Guide to Ordering Food in Mexico

Nothing is worse than being at a restaurant in Mexico and not knowing the right Mexican food phrases to be able to order exactly what you want! If you’re traveling to Mexico on vacation, understanding the basics of ordering food in Mexico, as well as some basic Spanish phrases and Mexico table manners, can help make your trip memorable and fun.

Fortunately, you don’t need a PhD in Spanish to know how to order food in Mexico. All you need is a list of the essential Spanish phrases that can help you get by at restaurants. This post offers thirteen phrases that you can use today to order Mexican food in Spanish, as well as a guide to some customs in Mexico surrounding food and restaurants.

In addition to reading through this Mexican phrases food list, be sure to also brush up on some basic Spanish phrases for travel. These words will help you a lot during your vacation!

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Restaurants in Mexico are much like restaurants in other parts of the world. Depending on the type of restaurant, you may be sitting down and ordering food in Mexico with a server. Or you might order your food at a counter.

Some servers can understand a little bit of English, but it’s best to try ordering food in Spanish when possible. Even if you fumble with your Mexican food phrases, the servers will appreciate the effort.

When ordering food in Mexico, remember that prices are usually in peso, the currency of Mexico. At the time of this writing, $1 USD is roughly 20 pesos. Tipping is not customary. But if you want to leave a tip, 10% is generally sufficient.

Food is usually served as they’re prepared. And there are no special utensils other than spoons, forks, and knives. Servers are generally attentive, and will check from time to time to see if you need anything.

Take a look at these Spanish phrase books and flash cards for helpful phrases for ordering food in Mexico:

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Spanish Words and Phrases You Need to Know

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As you’re traveling in Mexico, knowing a few basic food-related phrases can be helpful during meal time. This is especially helpful if you’re traveling to off the beaten path places like Isla Holbox, where local residents may not know much English.

Here are thirteen essential Mexican food phrases to use on your next Mexican vacation.

English translation: A table for four people, please.

This is one of the Mexican food phrases that is helpful for getting a table at a restaurant. You’ll need to know your basic Spanish numbers from one to ten, so you can appropriately say the number of people in your party.

Brush up on your Spanish numbers with one of these sets of flash cards:

Carson Dellosa Bilingual Spanish and English Numbers 1-100 Flash Cards

School Zone – Bilingual Numbers 1-100 Flash Cards

English translation: Can we sit here?

If you want to choose your seat at a restaurant, use this phrase. Many restaurants in Mexico allow you to seat yourself. So this is one of the Mexican food phrases that will come in very handy.

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English translation: Can we sit outside/inside?

Most of Mexico enjoys great weather all year, so outdoor seating is often available at restaurants. Whether you’re in Mexico City or Merida, if you’re at a restaurant, some helpful Mexican food phrases to know are how to request outside (a fuera) or inside (a dentro) seating.

English translation: I/we would like to order …

Use this phrase to begin saying your order, and then end the phrase with the name of the dish you want. Me gustaría and nos gustaría are polite ways of ordering food in Mexico. A less polite phrase to use is quiero/queremos (I want/we want), though servers generally won’t be offended.

English translation: Drinks, appetizers, main dishes, desserts

These are some helpful Mexican food phrases to know when looking at a menu. Not all Mexican restaurants have English versions of their menu, so it’s useful to know what the sections of the menu are called.

English translation: With, without, only/just, all/everything

Asking for special changes to a menu item can seem intimidating, but these Spanish words can be extremely valuable. Use con, sin, or solo at the beginning of Mexican food phrases, such as con azúcar (with sugar), sin sal (without salt), solo agua (just water).

Todo can be used at the beginning of a phrase, such as todo bien (everything okay). Or you can use todo at the end of a phrase, as in tacos al pastor con todo (al pastor tacos with everything).

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English translation: Do you have … ?

Use this phrase when you’re asking the server if they have an item such as a specific dish or a vegetarian menu (una menu vegetariana).

Something to keep in mind on grammar, in Spanish, the endings of verbs change depending on who the speaker is speaking to. So the verb, tener (to have) can be spoken as usted tiene (do you have, formal) or tu tienes (do you have, informal) when you are saying it to someone. It’s also common in Spanish to drop the pronoun and just say the verb in its conjugated form.

If you have a more advanced grasp of the Spanish language, take note that the vosotros form of verbs is rarely used in Mexico. Instead, use the usted or ustedes forms of verbs in your Mexican food phrases.

English translation: Can you bring … ?

One of the most helpful Mexican food phrases for travelers is puede traer …? Use this phrase when you’re asking the server to bring you something such as a menu (un menu), a fork (un tenedor), a spoon (una cuchara), a knife (un cuchillo), or a napkin (una servilleta).

English translation: Can I order more … ?

Another set of helpful Mexican food phrases is knowing how to ask for more food. Servers will understand you if you say, “dos tamales mas, por favor” (two more tamales, please). But if you want to be polite, it’s helpful to add “puedo pedir” (can I order) first.

English translation: It was delicious!

Some other helpful Mexican food phrases to know are how to talk about your meal. Your server may ask, “Todo bien?” (Everything good?), and you can respond with “Estuvo delicioso!” (It was delicious).

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Other adjectives you can use are rico/rica (tasty), dulce (sweet), perfecta (perfect), muy bien (very good). Additionally, if you want to know how to say I like food in Spanish, you can say, me gusta comida (I like food) or me gusta este comida (I like this food).

And if you really love the food, one of the best Mexican food phrases you can say “me encanta esto!” (I love this!). That will surely put an appreciative smile on your server.

English translation: To go, please.

If you want to order food to go, one of the most useful Mexican food phrases to know is “Para llevar, por favor” (to go, please). This phrase is helpful at taquerias (taco stands), fondas (small food stalls), loncherías (lunch counters), or street food carts where food is usually served quickly. You can also use this phrase if you can’t finish your meal and want to take the rest home with you.

English translation: Check, please.

Once you’re done eating, some helpful Mexican food phrases to know is how to pay for your food. A good phrase to know to ask for the check is “La cuenta, por favor” (check please). Another helpful phrase you can use is “cuánto cuesta?” (how much does it cost?).

English translation: I’m paying with cash/card.

Not every restaurant accepts credit card. Some places only accept cash. So it’s helpful to know the words for cash (efectivo) and card (tarjeta). When you get the bill at a restaurant, you can say “Pago con efectivo” (I’m paying with cash) or “Pago con tarjeta” (I’m paying with card).

Remember, tipping is not necessary. But if you do tip, 10% is sufficient. Some fancier restaurants in Mexico may also add an automatic gratuity to your bill.

English translation: For me, for him/her, to share

When ordering food for a family, some helpful Mexican food phrases to know are how to identify who is getting each dish. You can say, “para mi” (for me), “para el” (for him), or “para ella” (for her).

If you want to be more specific you can say “para mi esposo/esposa” (for my husband/wife) or “para mi hijo/hija” (for my son/daughter). And if you’re sharing a dish with someone, you can say “para compartir” (to share).

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Now that you know the basics for how to order food in Spanish at a Mexican restaurant, you’re ready to go beyond the basics.

Besides Mexican food phrases to use at the restaurant, it’s also helpful to build up some knowledge of Mexican food vocabulary too. This will help make reading a menu much easier! Take a look at these Mexican food words to know for your next Mexico vacation.

Most Mexican meals will include some kind of protein. So as you’re looking at a menu, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the various types of proteins. If you’re vegetarian, one of the useful Mexican food phrases to know is “soy vegetariano/vegetariana” (I’m vegetarian).

There are also regional specialties for meat. In the Yucatán, for example, you’ll find cochinita pibil (slow cooker pork) or pavo negro (slow cooker turkey). And in Baja Sur California, tacos de pescado (fish tacos), ceviche (lime marinated fish), and almejas (clams) are the specialties. Cities like Veracruz on the Gulf Coast also have special styles of cooking seafood.

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Here are some additional Mexican food phrases and words for types of protein:

Tacos are a staple in Mexican cuisine. There are over thirty different types of tacos you can find in Mexico, but below are a few popular ones. Most tacos use corn tortillas, but in some tourist-popular cities, you can also find flour tortillas.

Familiarize yourself with these Mexican food phrases and words related to tacos:

For hot Mexican destinations, knowing Mexican food phrases related to drinks is super helpful. Some of the best drinks to order in Mexico are house made horchata (rice liquid and cinnamon), jamaica (hibiscus drink), or tamarindo (tamarind drink). They’re usually made that day and stored in large jars on the counter.

Other fun drinks to order in Mexico are the aguas frescas and licuados, which are made with fresh fruit. A note on mixed or blended drinks, tap water in Mexico is not potable. So make sure, when ordering drinks mixed with water or ice, that it is made with agua purificada (purified water) from the garrafones (20 liter bottles). At the very least, make sure your drink is made with boiled water.

Besides knowing the general process for ordering food in Mexico, it’s helpful to understand some basic Mexico table manners. Gracias (thank you) and por favor (please) are good phrases to know.

Another one of the Mexican food phrases to know is provecho. This word generally means, “have a good meal” and is one of the popular Mexican sayings spoken as you’re passing a table where people are already eating their meal. The next time you’re eating at a Mexican restaurant, keep your ears open for someone saying “provecho” to you! You can reply to them with a simple, “Gracias!”

Another tip on Mexico table manners is to avoid dipping your chips in the salsa or guacamole. Restaurants will serve salsa and guacamole with a spoon in the bowl. This is to allow you to scoop the salsa or guacamole onto your chip, taco, or nacho. Be courteous (and hygienic!) and use the spoon rather than your chip to dip the salsa.

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Having basic knowledge of Mexican food phrases can do wonders in making your restaurant experiences in Mexico positive and enjoyable. This how to order in Spanish Mexico guide is a useful tool to have for you and your family.

Practice these phrases before your next trip to Mexico. Knowing how to order in Spanish at a Mexican restaurant is the key to opening the doors to a unique and diverse world of culinary delights. So don’t be afraid to dive right in!

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